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Feast of Legends is a Tabletop RPG Produced By... Wendy's!

"In a realm threatened by frozen beef, only true heroes will rise to defend freshness." It's not often that fast food chains produce tabletop roleplaying games, but it seems Wendy's has decided to be the first! It's a free 97-page PDF and you can download it right now.

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‪This game was was created by PR agency by VMLY&R. It was designed by Matt Keck (Twitter link), Tony Marin, and others.
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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
Most successful marketing to gamer geeks... possibly ever.
The family ate Wendy's driving to a Renaissance Faire this past Saturday. Request came from the kids since they like Wendy's food the best of the fast-food places. They're gamers, but I think that's the best marketing - good tasking food.


As much as I used to love Wendy's (our 1e/2e group would go there the day after the game) I can't 'stomach' this. The last time the family ate there we had to save vs. squirts for half-Con damage. There's a reason we call it Bendy's (eat at night, bend on the john all day).
It is funny to see how, when a once obscure hobby becomes much more popular, companies will plunder the culture for all its worth. I mean yeah, the large commercial book is punny & fresh-tastic. However, it is sad to see old dear memories be 'used' like it's in the red light district.
But hey, I'm just an old fart (probably eating to much fast food) and they're trying to make a $ off someone who doesn't know better.
Next will be bud-light and chainmail bikini commercials.


They made no attempt to keep this thing even vaguely serious; the back cover is false advertising, because it says that this is a world of "treasure, adventure, and the occasional dad joke", but the entire thing is nothing but dad jokes and awful puns all the way through. There are vague glimpses of how the thing could have actually been made functional, but instead we just have 97 pages of horrible cringe, with a few passable illustrations. Don't bother yourselves.

It would be cool if Wendy's put it up on DTRPG... but I grabbed the PDF when it was up. I wasn't where I could find a Wendy's when it came out. It's a fun read.

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