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D&D 5E Field Guide to Floral Dragons Joins Million Dollar Kickstarter Club

One of only two TTRPG creators with four separate million dollar Kickstarters!

With just a few hours left. Hit Point Press' Field Guide to Floral Dragons has just squeezed into the million dollar Kickstarter club--hot on the heels of the Dungeon Dudes who did the same thing last week! This makes it Hit Point Press' 4th million dollar Kickstarter, an accomplishment rivalled only by Matt Colville's MCDM Productions.

The Field Guide to Floral Dragons
combines dragons with flowers. Each of the 25 dragons is inspired by a flower--so you'll meet the rhododendron dragon, the dandelion dragon, or the wisteria dragon.

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The Kickstarter comes loaded with dice, minis, cards, and even a jigsaw puzzle (which is free to backers who pledge for a box set).

The Field Guide to Floral Dragons describes each flower-inspired dragon in depth, making the book a delight to read as well as use in storytelling and your games. You’ll find tales of the floral dragons’ origins, their biology and habitats, and details of their relationships with people and other floral dragons.

Throughout the book, you’ll discover insightful notes from floral dragon researchers. Within these notes, a tale of curiosity, despair, revenge, and hope unfolds. Piecing together this story from the margin notes rewards the dedicated reader with an added layer of depth.

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When the "floral dragons vs zombies" videogame? The perfect mixture of farm simulation, tower defense and monster training! Crow your (collectable) monster plants and defend your eco-friendly home against the hordes of radioactive undeads!

Please, don't bad jokes about floral dragonborns!

Will we see this in D&D Beyond?

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