Fighter brainstorm

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I would like to keep a 'simple' fighter like the champion for people that are more casual in play. Maybe add some options to choose at certain levels such as having 3rd level be a choice between improved critical and a couple other things. This may add some variety.

I would get rid or nerf several of the combat feats which may not be fighter specific, but tends to be.

Maybe something to make them better with armor or shields. This could be an option like above or part of their combat superiority. Maybe shields give them an extra +1 to Ac or such.

I have 2 things I want...

either 1) break the fiighter into 3 classes (a simple champion, a half caster magus/swordmage/bladesinger and a complex warlord/swordsage/animeswordguy)
2) just remake them to have a smilialr number of options and breath of in and out of combat specilizations as a cleric bard or wizard.

  • All martials (including fighter) having a pool of 'stamina points' which can be used to fuel abilities and class features.
  • Weapons being actually unique and different, offering different manoeuvres which come with them (like how piercer, slasher, and crusher work now).
  • Extra attacks should stack. If you're a combined 5th level in martial classes, you should get a second attack. (However to get the 3rd attack you should be at least 11th level fighter). If casters can stack their spell slots, why can't martials stack their abilities?
  • Kill eldritch knight and banneret. Bring them back as their own classes (swordmage and warlord) in future books.


I’d like to see fighters get more out of various weapon types. We kinda have that with fighting styles but I’d like to see it go further.

I’d like to see more uses for skills, and have some fighter abilities key of these (strength to intimidation etc).

I’d like to see more basic combat options and to see the fighter be better at some of these.

Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”
I'd like to see the bonus attack mechanic from GWM get folded into the Fighter as a class ability, but without using your bonus action, and scaling so that you can use it as many times during your turn as your proficiency bonus.


What I want
  • Fighter is split into
    • The Simple Champion
      • Banneret
      • Brute
      • Cavalier
      • Samurai
    • The Complex Fighter
      • Arcane Archer
      • Battlemaster
      • Eldritch Knight
      • Rune Knight
    • The Semi Complex Warlord
      • Captain
      • Marshal
      • Veteran
      • White Raven
  • The fighter gets a core Exploration or Social feature
    • Advantage to one Fighter skill
What I expect
  • More core Fighting Styles
  • More Manevers
  • Higher level manevers and fighting styles

Breakdown GWM, SS, PAM, Sentinel, Shield Master, CBE, Slasher, Crusher, Piercer, etc into smaller parts and make them free maneuvers similar to what cantrips are for casters. There would probably a one maneuver per attack rule with exceptions for things like Crusher, Piercer, and Slasher.

Fighters start with the most and get the most over time. Paladins, Rangers, Monks, Barbarians, and Rogues start with none because their classes have built-in maneuvers (smites, hunter's mark, martial arts, rage, and sneak attack). They end up getting some over time.

Some of the BM maneuvers get thrown into the basic maneuver list. In return the BM gets more maneuvers than anyone else and gets their pool of dice to increase some aspect of the attack or their character when they use a maneuver (attack, damage, AC, maneuver DC, skill check, etc). Kind of like bardic inspiration.

Some subclasses need to be rethought. BM is losing their unique maneuver list, but makes up for it with extra goodies. Banneret needs to separate their unique abilities from the main class abilities so that they can use action surge and second wind without feeling like their wasting them if no one else can benefit. Arcane Archer is a good idea, but lacks in execution.

With these other changes I'd probably leave Champion, Samurai, Cavalier, RK, Psi Warrior, and EK alone. Or only make minor changes instead of larger overhauls like I'd do with the others.

While the rogue and his sister the wizard read from the book of Amon-Ra, the fighter should be able to run around dodging and parrying and leaping, tumbling, crawling, and smashing his way through a couple dozen mummies, like Rick O'Connell.

Fighters in most D&D are effing BORING. They don't DO enough on their turns! They should be designed to be more dynamic from the start. Make them more fun to play.

Like, even if we want there to be a basic fighter that is simple to play, it should still allow some choices on your turn. I'd do it like this:

The fighter should start off being good at not just hitting for damage, but also combat maneuvers. On their turn, whenever they take an action -- even if it's not to attack -- they should get to shove, grab, do a dirty trick, do something athletic, or do some repartee. Don't even make them roll for it. It's just a thing they get to do that doesn't win combat, but makes combat more interesting.

Call it

Fighter's Prowess.
On your turn, whenever you take an action, you can also demonstrate your martial skill in a unique way. You must choose a prowess linked to a skill you are trained in. This is not a separate action.

Acrobatics. If you attack a creature, you don't provoke an opportunity attack from leaving its space this turn.

Animal Handling. Until your next turn, you can have an animal friendly to you within 30 feet make an attack instead of you, including opportunity attacks.

Arcana. Any attack you make until the start of your next turn counts as magical even if your weapon is not magic. You can thus hurt incorporeal creatures and monsters normally resistant or immune to non-magical weapons.

Athletics. You can shove a creature within reach of your melee weapon a distance equal to 5 feet times your proficiency bonus. If this would move them somewhere immediately dangerous, they can make a DC 10 Dexterity save to fall prone just before entering that space.

Deception. If you draw a {light?| weapon and attack with it, the attack has advantage. You cannot use this prowess against the same foe more than once per encounter.

History. Oof, this one is hard.

Insight. Okay, maybe this isn't as easy as I thought.

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