Final Fantasy XIV Getting an Official TTRPG

Square Enix leaked a pre-order page for Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Starter Set on their online store on Wednesday morning before taking it down that afternoon and putting it back up again overnight.

The order page for the new TTRPG went live on Wednesday for around 6 hours before being taken down, but not before being archived via the Wayback Machine. It's likely the game was scheduled for announcement during the Letter from the Producer event on September 23 but was posted live by mistake. As of Thursday morning, the pre-order page is live again on the site along with an announcement page confirming a player and GM core rulebook along with an official preview page.

The new game will be based on the MMORPG video game Final Fantasy XIV, which currently has over 3 million active daily players available on PC, macOS, and PlayStation. This marks the first official adaptation of the popular and long-running Final Fantasy video game franchise to tabletop RPGs. From the product description before it was removed:

Based on the hit MMO Final Fantasy XIV, the FFXIV TTRPG is a tabletop roleplaying game that lets you experience Eorzea from a whole new perspective. Step into the shoes of a heroic adventurer or assume the game master's mantle, then cooperate to forge your own unique stories within the vast and exciting universe of Final Fantasy XIV. The Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Starter Set comes with everything you need to dive into the game and includes both the Player Book and the Gamemaster Book. Gather your friends together to explore, battle, and roleplay--the only limits are your imagination, and the only goal is to have fun. Discover a realm of adventure reborn!


The Starter Set will include a Player Book, Gamemaster Book (including three scenarios tying into the FF14 main story), four pre-generated characters (Warrior, White Mage, Dragoon, and Black Mage), Rules Summary & Strategy Guide, encounter maps, character tokens, and ability markers. The set will also include custom numeric dice - 6d20 total (two red and one each of green, blue, black, and clear) with the Final Fantasy XIV logo in place of the 20 and 10d6 (four red, two each of blue and green, and one each of black and clear). No further information about the game system is available at this time.

The set is scheduled for a May 2024 release and is available for pre-order for $59.99.

Note: This article has been edited to update with new information as the pre-order page was taken down, then put back up again, then an official announcement and preview page released.
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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott


The Elephant in the Room (she/they)
Mine was Fallout, which I thought was cursed to always just barely miss on getting a TTRPG version. I'd even answered an RPG-a-day survey question here on EN World naming Fallout as the franchise I wanted to have a TTRPG that I thought never would just a few months before the 2d20 System Fallout game was announced.
Wasn't Fallout essentially just GURPS with the serial numbers filed... off... or... I guess serial numbers added?

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Wasn't Fallout essentially just GURPS with the serial numbers filed... off... or... I guess serial numbers added?
Looong story there. Short version: Fallout was originally a licensed GURPS game. The licensing deal fell through due to creative differences and issues with the approval process. So they changed the system to SPECIAL with a percentage-based skill system and Vault 13: A GURPS Post-Nuclear Adventure became Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Role Playing Game.

Then in the 2000s there was going to be a D20 System TTRPG licensed from Interplay. The Interplay did a bunch of shady stuff that involved licenses from like three different companies that got them sued into almost bankruptcy and forced them to sell the Fallout IP to Bethesda to stay afloat, which got the Fallout TTRPG caught in the crossfire and it had to be rebranded to eXodus.


To all the hardcore FFXIV players out there, if you play this at my table, I guarantee that the lore/stuff will be an unholy bastardrization of various Final Fantasies along with use of music from Final Fantasy XVI and VII Remake with a dash of FFX's Otherworld being tossed in at some point for a key fight.

I apologize in advance while having no shameful regerts.

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