Dragonlance Finished the new "Classic" Dragonlance novel: Dragons of Fate - Spoilers


Reeks of Jedi
Finished the new book Dragons of Fate and it may now be one of my favorites of the whole DL series.

IMO Raistlin and Magius being best buds (and Huma of course)... and Magius' death. And the twists at the end!

The Articifer woman. Alice? I definitely need more of her. I was picturing Tig Notaro for some reason as I read her chapters. See GIF at the bottom for her reaction to the Device of Time Journeying:


I cannot wait to see what happens next.

I hope we get to see more of "The Darkest Timeline" at some point. Would be an interesting alternate retelling of The War of the Lance period. Give me 3 more books!

It's so great having new "real" Dragonlance novels again. I cannot thank Weis and Hickman enough for this gift of more DL from it's creators.

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