WOIN First WOIN Session: Are the baddies too tough?


Howdy from Texas,

I just ran my first WOIN session for my D&D group, since a few people couldn't make it. We ran a WW2-themed Indiana Jones style game, and my players enjoyed the versatility and simplicity of the Attribute + Skill system. They had a harder time understanding that "Maximum Dice Pool" didn't actually mean that they couldn't add to it with exploits (Perhaps rename to Maximum Base Dice Pool?), but we got through it.

However, when the group ambushed a group of four Nazi guards, they were surprised to find that the enemy had 15 Defenses (with 20 mental defense), on a 4 MDP guard! What's more, player armor is pretty limited in the N.O.W. system, but these guys have 5 SOAK! So not only were my players (who each had a 5d6 MDP attack) missing fairly regularly, but their attacks couldn't whittle down the 30 health very quickly.

Now, they're still new, and weren't using crossfires, flanks, etc. as well as they could have, but I'm still a bit flummoxed because it took forever for my group of 5 players to take down 4 4d6 enemies. Was I doing something wrong? Heck I was even telling them to aim, then convert dice 1-to-1 for damage dice (which I found out later should have been 2-for-1 - was it 1-for-1 in an older version of the rules?) but it still took a lot longer than I felt it should have..

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Well, that was fun
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The average roll on 5d6 is 18, so they shouldn’t find it too hard to hit DEFENSE 15. Using tactics is important — aim and get a positional modifier and they’re rolling 7d6 (average roll of 24). And that’s not using any LUC. Statistically that’s a fairly easy target; were they rolling low?

If you’re still finding the enemies too tough, you can use weaker enemies. But tactics are *very* important — they will change an easy encounter into a hard one and vice versa.
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Hey Ruy343,

I also ran my group through our first WOIN session (I was using the O.L.D. 1.2 playtest rules instead of N.O.W.). We found that once you started using tactics like flanking and crossfires it helped a lot. Plus one character going on overwatch while another works on pinning down a target also helped wrack up the d6s.

The three 5 soak, 15 defense Attercaps went down fairly quickly and so did the six 10 soak 12 def skeletons. Using their exploits helped too.

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