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D&D 5E First World: Possibly One of the New D&D setting?

The chance of the First World becoming a published setting aside, the concept works for me. So far it's got a kinda Chronicles of Amber/Final Fantasy XIV vibe to it that I'm loving, and I'm looking forward to reading more about it.

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There is btw, a fun homebrew project made (and available for free I believe) to play pre-historic D&D. There is a similar concept here to the First World, that it is a setting that exists before the planes have become distinct places (like how Panegea was one continent). A big theme is that the world is ruled over by empires run by the different giant types. Something similar could exist in the First World, as a war between giants and dragons is a common theme in D&D settings.

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Cheers, for this. I'm currently working on an apocalyptic version of the Forgotten Realms which is essentially a re-boot driven by a Toril-wide extinction event, and there might be some great inspiration here.


It is not only the metagame effects (Why not to avoid Strand to become the first vampire or killing Rajaat to avoid the cleasing wars in Dark Sun?) but it can alter the metaplot of the multimedia franchises, what happen with novels or comics
Sounds like the exact stuff I actively avoid.


Not sure when it came out, but I picked up the game in the early-mid 80s and started with AD&D 1e (PHB, MM, MM2, DMG) and BECMI (all the boxes). So started with products from the late '70s forward.
respect ! i personally started rpg with the dark eye in the mid 80's. i only started D&D later with the third edition. i am starting again with my nephews with the 5th edition and trying pathfinder 2...

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