D&D General Fixing spellcasting components

Spellcasting components should be implied, unless noted. When a player playing a spellcaster tells everyone that they are casting a spell, everyone including the player believes and pictures the caster using their spell components (they're speaking the words, and making hand gestures with one hand while holding a item in the other hand). The player doesn't really need to describe how they're using their spell components (unless they have a stickler of a DM who tells them to describe what they are doing. ;) ). Imagination does the rest.

In one game session I was in, my group was playing in Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, and the party's Wild Magic Sorcerer decided to cast Fireball. But he decided he was going to use the bat guano of a bat native to Avernus. Not ordinary bat guano. 😋 So he had the entire party imagining that his fireball packed an infernal punch as well as a fiery one. 😋

Implied, unless noted. ;) And hassle free?

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