D&D 5E Fixing the Rogue with one Feat


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The third benefit seeks to give alternatives, and I'm asking to see consequences of such a change, and proposing what I think is a significant cost to it.
The first point would make this a decent choice for a Str-based rogue or barb/rogue who's focused on grappling. Points 2 and 3 would be useless to that concept. I think this feat would probably only be taken by grappling rogues who had already maxed Strength.

Point 2 doesn't make the club, sickle, light hammer any better than a dagger already is, so it's barely more than a ribbon. The only power upgrade is in giving the character a larger possibility of acquiring a useful magic weapon if the DM rolls them randomly.

Point 3 has some utility for casters who want to make weapon attacks. The smaller weapon die and the larger damage mod roughly balance out, and the hit bonus of course increases. Most casters are already looking for a 14-15 in Str or Dex for their armor, so this is giving out about a max +3 to hit if they sacrifice a fair amount of weapon choice. It's a decent choice for some builds, but it's not approaching the level where I'd consider it as a level 1 feat or taking it before I max my main stat.

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I'm not good at that sort of thing, so I can't answer your OP, but I love Rogues (by far my favorite class). I would say that I agree that the class builds a bit samey even when you pick different races and subclasses. Your feat would probably help that a bit.

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