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Please take a look at the new Kickstarter of a friend of mine, Stephanie Chan.

Below are some details of the Kickstarter...

Introducing light and affordable costume Scaillemaille for stage, screen, cosplay, and more!

From the creators of EVA Foam Chainmaille! Ben Eadie and Stephanie Chan are back with a new foam armor that YOU demanded!

Our EVA Foam Scaillemaille is:
  • Affordable! Foam is less expensive than metal.
  • Lightweight! Walk around all day with less impact on your body. Don't pay extra for suitcase weight!
  • Easy to assemble! Similar to crocheting! No more raw fingers from metalworking keeping your soul intact!
  • Fully customizable! EVA foam can be shaped and painted as you wish!
  • Compatible with our EVA Foam Chainmaille! Mix textures to expand your creative horizon!
  • No pesky metal detectors to deal with at the airport or at cons!
Perfect for costume designers, fashion designers, prop makers, theatre, television, movies, cosplay, and so much more like home décor, other crafts!

Who we are
Stephanie Chan
is the co-founder of Foam Armory and the brawns. Her mega-geekdom interests in arts, fashion and tech has lead her into photography, comic books, design, and education. She is a 3D Printer and Lasercutting technician, comic book colorist. Because she doesn't do enough things, she is also the co-founder of the Smash Pages comics blog. When not living the unstable life of a gig economy, she’s on the prowl for unique and tasty cookie recipes.

Ben Eadie is the other co-founder of Foam Armory and a high collared cape and monocle mad scientist. Ben is a aeronautical engineering technologist that has spent the last few years working on special effects and props for movies such as StarTrek Beyond, The Predator, DeathNote, and Ghostbusters Afterlife.


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