Foreign language words for Shadow?

Need some help from the linguistically minded of you. Could you please post different words for shadow in different languages? Also, dark, eclipse, obscure, or night?

It'd be great if you could cover the bases from a lot of different languages. Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, various Native American, various African, German, Old English. If you think it's necessary, please include a pronunciation guide.


Night - Yoru.

Old English:
Dark - Dox.

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Ill check back with you after I speak with my girlfriend (she speak arabic).

here are the dutch:

Schaduw - shadow
Donker - dark
Nacht - night

Eclipse and obscure are the same (only pronunciation)

I cant write pronunciation, but Ill see if I can find them.

Let's try it in french :

Shadow = ombre
Dark = sombre
Eclipse = eclipse (This one was hard)
Obscure = obscure (This one was harder :) )
Night = nuit

Don't know how I can write the pronunciation...


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More Cantonese

Dark - Ha Ngam. Ha (High Tone) Ngam (Low tone)

Eclipse - Yat Sihk. Yat (medium tone) Sihk (Low falling tone)

Obscure (difficult to translate directly) Hahm Wu . Hahm (Low tone) Wu (low rising tone)

Night - Maahn (low tone) or Yeh Maahn

Thanks much for all the help already, but keep them coming if you can. I also forgot to ask for Gaelic, Welsh, and any other British island languages or dialects I'm too ignorant to know of.

Also, if there's some sort of unusual tone to a word, please include that if you're aware of it. Y'know, like how supposedly Inuit have a dozen different words for different kinds of snow, if a language has different words for different types of shadow, that'd be cool.

Knight Otu

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RangerWickett said:
Need some help from the linguistically minded of you.
Not sure if I qualify as linguistically minded... ;)

Could you please post different words for shadow in different languages?

As already said, Schatten is the german word

Also, dark, eclipse, obscure, or night?
Dark - Dunkel (darkness is Dunkelheit)
Eclipse - Finsternis (As in Sonnenfinsternis, solar eclipse)
Obscure - Verborgen
Night - Nacht (In italian, notte)


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Let's try it in latin:

Shadow = umbra (also means ghost)
Dark = acerbus, atrer, obscurum
Eclipse = labores solis (doesn't translate very well)
Obscure = ignotus(adjective)
Night = nox


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shadow - gölge, hayal, hayalet, karalti, saye, siluet
darkness- karanlik, alacakaranlik, gunessiz, isiksiz, izbe, kapali, kapkaranlik, kuytu, kuz, los, maglum, muzlim, zifir, sumbuli,
eclipse - tutulma, husuf kusuf
night - gece, aksam, ikindi, tün, yatsi
night - laila (arabic I think)

edit: added some more names for shadow, darkness....etc
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I've just fished out my Romany dictionary for you. Let's see what we find....

dark=kalo, skootsizi, karanluki (sorry, I don't know the difference)
midnight=mashkari rat
nighttime=ratsyasa, rakyasa

It's just a little pocket dictionary, so it doesn't have eclipse and obscure. Sorry. I like mashkari rat though. Sounds like a very scary poisonous rat, one that maybe only comes out at night....


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Shadow = Skygge ["y" like german "ü"]
dark = mørkt [myarkt]
eclipse = eklipse/formørkelse [formyarklese]
obscure = Skjult/tilsløret [tilslyared]
night = nat

Shadow = Sombra

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