Forked Thread: Its the terminology that kills me...


Penguin Herder
That's like saying that, because good musicianship comes from the heart, not from lessons, no one should take music lessons. Are we supposed to take this argument seriously?
If you have to read a post to understand his argument, your [sic] never going to do it.

(Yes, this is me being snarky about people disparaging the value of literature in writing.)

Cheers, -- N

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First Post
I'm not a big fan of 'class/level' systems but it seems liked if your going to have them one benefit is an easy means of designation. With previous editions, players might say, "That's when my Wizard cast lightning bolt at the orc guard". Now its 'my controller'. Totally ruins the mood and atmosphere for me.

My biggest fear with any new edition is that it will ruin the excitement of someone telling me about their character.

On a serious note, I think it is really helpful to have these terms as a way to understand what a class or monster is designed to do. It makes things more intuitive.


Gish is cool in my book, because it came from D&D. Shifted context, but still.

Toon? Yeah. Just don't. Arcady and Jack99, I'm looking at you.

Okay. Let's not get carried away. While I have played MMORG's extensively (as in, more than any person should) I don't use that word on these boards, at least afaik. Luckily I am a paying member, so guess what. In my 1300+ posts, (according to the search function) I have used the word "toon" once, and the context was related to videogames.

Jack99 said:
You mean like in WoW, where every female toon is played by a hot, horny model, just waiting for you to hit on her?

PS: I checked my blog as well, and search finds no "toon" in there either. So you must have me confused with someone else ;)


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