Forked Thread: Viking Hat vs Social Relationship

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I understand that you have problems with this player, but please leave the politics aside. I don't consider racism or sexism 'Republican sensibilities.' I'd hate to to derail this thread arguing American politics. :)

There are so many fun responses to this that I could make. All of them would get me banned :D


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Does anybody have the right to be an :):):):):):):)? Absolutely. It's an inalienable birth right of all men, women, and children. Does anybody else have the right to tell those people where to cram it, and choose not to associate with them? Just so. :)


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I'd rather not play than play with a racist or a sexist. I have very strong political views, but I don't go to a gaming group to talk about politics. I could be playing in a room filled with fascists for all I know. As long as they keep their opinions to themselves we will be cool. But as soon as someone starts to make racist or sexist comments, I am out. Life's too short to have to listen to ignorant people's :):):):):):):):).

Besides, there are always other groups. It may take some time to find quality players, but a good DM can always recruit new people.


In my current group, we have one vaguely racist and sexist player who frequently makes comments that I find offensive.

My players, who are far more liberal than me (I'm more libertarian), are so non-confrontational that they won't ever back me up when he makes his obnoxious comments. They're just like "Do something about it, but don't kick him out because we want to keep playing at his place." They're also some of my best friends who I've known for years, and the whole situation drives me up the wall.

Good Lord, is playspace so limited that this is what you've come to? Why not the house of any of the other people? (I'm sure 'reasons' will be given, but you need to examine if they are good ones. If there is an SO or parent blocking using someone else's space, describe to them the conditions of the place you ARE playing at and I'm sure they'll find some way to unbend.)

What's the friendship dynamic, here? Are they all his friends from way back when as well? Or is it 'you guys' and 'him'? Why do you think they'll choose a convenient place to play over you?

Depends on how 'vaguely' he is, too. Do you think talking to him about it would help? Sit him down and tell him how uncomfortable it makes you feel. Does this sort of stuff spill over into what he runs? And tell him, too, 'We know you're a cheating swine, and that's going to stop as well'.


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