Frank Frazetta RIP


May he spend eternity surrounded by the women he painted


(including his wife, who was his model for many iconic works)

One of the things I love about his work is that he clearly loved women. With a lot of artists, you get the sense that someone might be too this or too that to be a figure in their work, but FF seemed to like 'em thick, thin, and everything in between. All his figures, men and women, had a certain sexiness about them, and humanity, too, and drama, with just enough ease with the brush that they were more than the real thing, more ardent, more identifiable and beateous.

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Sad news. He was the most influential artist in the genre and one of my favourites (along with Keith Parkinson who also passed away about five years ago.)

Hand of Evil

thinking back on things, I got into ERB, Howard and Moorcock because of his covers, that lead me to D&D, and that to map making, and Poser/DAZ computer art. Even some of my music was picked up because of his art!


First Post
I remember, very fondly, my first exposure to Frazetta's art -- a Conan cover. I think it was the first he ever did ... the one that really launched his career as an illustrator. I met him in the early 80s and had a fascinating conversation with him about illustration v. art and the zen of fly-fishing.:angel:

The man never got the respect he deserved from the art establishment, but we "fans" loved the man and his work.

Rest in peace, Frank. I know your last years were difficult ones. I hope you're burning up the canvases, spilling your inspiration across the skies ... and happy, again.:D

Bran Blackbyrd

Man... I was just talking about him the other day.

I'll have to watch Painting with Fire again; I've seen it a few times and always enjoyed it.

He's one of those artists whose work has permeated the collective unconscious. As long as there are people, there will be someone who remembers Frank Frazetta's art.

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