Free Free copies of the Monster Menu for the first fifty folks to use this code!


Existential Risk
Happy Holidaves! As a special treat, I'm giving away complimentary copies of the Monster Menu to the first 50 friendos who use this link over on the DMs Guild. Sate the curiosity of your party's resident aspiring chef, and add over 100 monster meals to your campaign setting!

Cheers, and pass it along if you know someone else whose character might appreciate the gift. 🍮

EDIT: Looks like all 50 codes have been used! Cheers, everyone :)

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This is a rather good concept, thank you. I can see some of my players having a problem eating some of the more intelligent things like pixies and ogres, but a band of monsters empowered with troll healing would be cool- even if they are now vulnerable to fire.

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