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Funny character names

A lot of people here take D&D somewhat seriously, but everyone's probably given their characters funny names when they were kids.

My first four characters were:

Joey Ramone: Elf Bard 3
Johnny Ramone: Half-Elf Ranger 3
Dee Dee Ramone: Human Fighter 4
Tommy Ramone: Halfling Thief 4

At least I was listening to good music when I was twelve. After that, I mostly rearranged Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia names.

What are some funny names you've run into?

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Fern Foliage the Ranger.
Yoo Sing Eggrollshacks.
Saan Holo and his bear animal companion, Boochaka.

All groanworthy :p


Penguin Herder
Sparrowhawk the Wizard. Actually the longest surviving PC in the game that I run. I'll see if I can do anything about that... :]

Cheers, -- N


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The guy who taught me OD&D ("Diaglo Edition") actually told me to name my first character, a wizard, Fonebone. Fortunately, FB died in his first foray into the dungeon and his name was never, ever repeated.


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I had a halfling named Gram at one point. All of my thief characters all seemed to have descriptive names as well- Silent Whisper, was one. I know my brother had some similarly named characters- Redwing, Redhawk, etc.


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When I started playing in 7th grade, I played Link Pendragon, Halfling Thief.

I also have a Halfling Warmage who acts like a stereotypical Irishman. I took his first name from the villian from the movie Ronin, and his last name from the title of a James Joyce novel. When I introduced the character, Seamus Finnegan, my friends asked me why I decided to name my character after one of Harry Potter's classmates.

Although we have also had one of my friends play a Gangster named Vincenzo Lorenzo in a D20 Pulp Heroes game, and I had a Pulp Scientist named Doctor Strangelove who had a device that he called his "sonic screwdriver." But we did it more because we like making our DM groan and hang his head than by mistake.
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Claire Ick - guess
Rethgif Eht - guess
Squick Kvisserthrob XXIII - kobold with too many multiclasses
Ignatz Kneebiter - halfling Warlord
Unnamed Assailant - translated from the Infernal tongue...


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There was this one campaign which had the stupidest names, with the dumbest reasons for having them:

Aragorn - Every time the DM asked what they were doing, the player said, "We are a gorn to Mordor!"

Legolas - For some reason the player used a female figure from a Lego set for his PC, who quickly became the "Lego-lass"

Gimli - Guy had a weird speech impediment. Kept wanting to say that he stared at the elf Lego-lass grimly, and ended up with "I look at him glimly." Ergo, Gimli.

Sam - Talk about no imagination. In a game world with names like the above, even if they were fairly dumb, in walks a Sam. Sheesh! Then again, the DM did keep telling us about a dragon in his earlier game called Smog. Gah!

Frodo - Yeah. Sam's buddy was called Frodo. Don't ask.

Man, I just hate players who can't be bothered to come up with an authentic-sounding fantasy name.


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LONG campaign character names

In my campaign that started the week 3.5 came out and has progressed from CR 1 to 26....

Xana the Elven Druid
Galanadel the Elven Mystic Theurge
Kiernan the Human Fighter-Rogue
Thandain the Drawven Defender Mystic Theurge's cohort
Rodric the Dwarven Paladin
Wolfgang the Human Fighter
Siracha the Human Paladin-Monk-Archer
Hugo the Dwarven Horizon Walker
Eluvien Bob the Drow Psionic Trickster (Bob was the most anti-drow name Eluvien could think of when he renounced his people)
And...what might be the most rediculously lethal martial character (And worst name) I have ever had in a game:

Leeroy Jenkins the Dwarven War Mind


Getting lost in fantasy maps
One fellow I began gaming with named his ranger Pantera, after the hard metal band.

In a Dark Sun game I DMed, one of my players named his thri kreen gladiator Chakcha'cha Mmah'rai. Try saying it fast... aka Jack, the Samurai. I groaned when he explained it because I missed it at first. :eek:

From the 2nd Ed Complete Book of Dwarves:

I randomly rolled:

B.O. Nicknamed the Stinky.

Also randomly pulled from a Star Wars Book:

Freon Bong (He has issues, a Xexto with a Clint Eastwood complex).

From a Mage Game (An insane Akashic Brotherhood):

Him: Ho CHi Min

His Baboon Familliar: Chairman Mao (Taught him Heavy Weapons)

His Familliar's Booty Call Baboon: Marxetta

His Astral Spider Monkey Familiar: Fidel (Taught him Martial Arts).

I also had my Red Squirrel Army.

And Chairman Mao Lil Dojo Hut was my cover.

And I was Party Leader.

To this day, if you use the phrase "The Two Mages are going off together" He WILL crawl into a little ball and begin murmmering "Please mommy make it stop".

(The other mage being an psychotically insane forces mage, as opposed to my crazy, but makes sense in a weird, drug induced way).

We managed to make the Khan Were Tiger have 12 Successes on a Frenzy Check! Yes, he was on our side.

Also from the Tomb of Horrors:

Bob I through XVIII

Mighty Veil

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Dragon Stomper (half-orc mindblade) - a player's PC in one of the 2 campaigns my group is in.

Retoad the Retard (magic-user) - years ago, me and a former DM were curious how long a Basic D&D M-U with 3 in all stats could last. Till 2nd level.

Various fighters with a name similar to Mad Martigan (of Willow), I created during a time when I was burnt out with playing AD&D. I didn't realize the movie character's name was one word.

Cuwulf the Fenris Wolf (human barbarian) - created by myself as a back-up PC in one of the 2 current campaigns. I like the name but realize it is kind of silly. His name is Wolf Wolf the Wolf Wolf.

Tigerlynx (fighter, Basic D&D) - One of my more favorite characters from years ago. I couldn't think of a name. I wanted Sabertooth but felt it would be silly to name myself after a comic book villian. Tried thinking of tough sounding cats, and... I later tried to rename him. The character mentioned that Tigerlynx wasn't his real name. When asked what it was, I went blank. And said a dumb name like Blood Death. The other PCs replied: Your parents named you... Blood Death? I replied: Er, yeah. That's why I go by Tigerlynx....

Elfer (elf, Basic D&D) - my 2nd PC ever made. I couldn't think what an elf would be called, so the first name to pop out of my mouth when asked my name was...

Jake (saurial, ranger) - I created a saurial playing NPC in an older campaign I ran. I liked the idea of Dragonbait (of Azure Bond fame), so created a saurial. It was left to others to name him. And someone said: We'll call you Jake.

Various Transformers and GI Joe names used for Basic D&D and Marvel Super Heroes by myself and other player.

Yiddle Diddle (eld, Basic D&D) - another PC in the same game as Elfer. Actually the two got married eventually. I had thought at a later point in this campaign to rename my PC, Questor, after the elf from Gauntlet. But the other player caught wind of this and announced Yiddle Diddle had a new name, and I continued with... Elfer.

I am sure in the 20+ years of playing D&D, on and off, that I have heard more weird names.


A friend of mine, DAVE!!!, once had a cleric named Rhett Cross, but we've two overly punny types in our gaming group, so it happens...a lot.

I mean, one guy had a character whose name was the phonetic spelling of opportunist - he was a fighter.

When I first started playing, back when I was 6, I named my first fighter after a Star Blazers character - Wildstar Leedy.

For the life of me, I still don't know where Leedy came from.

Mighty Veil

First Post
Oh thought of more!

In an older 3e campaign. Our PCs hitched a ride on a boat. We were waiting for the rest of the players to arrive for the game, so I found myselves naming and we played the NPC ship crew:

The crew of the USS Rent'aprize

Captain Smirk Jerkoff, who had an 20 charisma while wearing his cumberbun of charisma seducing. Unfortunely in combat it would come undone and his beer gut would fall out and he'd spend the turn putting it back on.

First mate, Spook, the logical air gensai.

Bones, the lich cleric and ship doctor.

Lt.Woof, the werewolf and ship's security guard.

Chef engineer, Snotty the gnome. Ships carpenter, chef, and the guy who tied up and untied the ship's row boats (for away missions).

And, The All-star Bard Band. A group of four 20th level bard who never fought in combat. They would stand off to the side and play music (Da daa daa da da... you know the tune)

I later used them as NPCs in a silly side-track adventure. They hired the players to help them defeat The Boards. A group of 2x4 wood constructs who wanted to assimilate all wood.

Gosh I luv these NPCs.

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