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IMDB user rating is a bit more harsh to Thunderdome than the critics, but this seems fair:


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A suffusion of yellow
Better then Thunder Dome? No way.

Tina Turner was awesome.

Thunderdome is the worst ‘Road Warrior’ movie, whereas Fury Road was an epic return to form

Tina Turner was awesome as Aunty Entity though, but Bartertown and the Kids were too much diversion from the proper focus on post apocalyptic vehicular destruction. Fury Road managed to give us that and an actual story too.

I’ll give Furiosa a shot but its going to be a weird watch with no Max in it
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Scion of Murgen (He/Him)
It is a little weird not to have Max, but this looks great.

IMDB user rating is a bit more harsh to Thunderdome than the critics, but this seems fair:

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Yeah I’d swap Thunderdom and Mad max for my own scores. Can’t disagree with fury road on top tho
Agreed. The original Mad Max has some great stuff in it, and gives you the backstory which really informs the pathos of Max's character, but on its own is the weakest movie. The Road Warrior and Fury Road stand alone brilliantly, but the backstory from Mad Max is key for getting the most emotional resonance out of Thunderdome, with its children and innocents.

Very excited for this! Fury Road is an astonishingly good movie on multiple levels.

Of the original trilogy, though The Road Warrior is probably the signature movie, I like Mad Max most. The way it shows people clinging to the last structures of pre-apocalyptic society in the face of its collapse feels the most...I don't know if accurate is the right word, but I'll use it.

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