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WotBS Fuzzybear's Burning Sky


I had her play a hard line. If your players need the help, it might be worth dropping hints that they can always work to get the case after regrouping and coming at things from another direction. I wouldn't feel bad dropping that as a hint if the players were completely unwilling to allow the case out of their sight.
Not sure I follow. Currently the mission (from Torrent) is to get the case and go to the Lyceum. I'm not sure they would see the point to going to the Lyceum without the case... Maybe it's something later on in the path that I haven't read yet...

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The party getting to the Lyceum with the contents of the case is only one path the campaign could take. There are a number of ways they can lose the case and/or its contents before they get to Seaquen. If they are able to get the contents of the case to the Lyceum, then that becomes a source of information on what is happening in Ragessia and bargaining chip for that faction when dealing with the others, especially the Shahalesti.

If they do not get the contents to the Lyceum, then that makes it more important for them to convince the other countries/factions to join with the resistance in Seaquen against the Ragessian army.


Well, I'm not sure of the down river effects but they went with Shealis to the hideout and opened the case. TWO of the pc's had infernal as a language they can speak so I let them copy out the contents (but not decipher the code). Shealis will take the original and Torrent and the party will take the copy to Lyceum...



To Blind an Eye​

Arriving back in Seaquen, the group is lauded as heroes when the Torch is noticed in Bryn's hands. Simeon find them quickly and talks to them, disclosing that they have successfully translated the book of intel from so long ago. The true dual meaning of the Scourge is becoming known as a weapon of destruction is being finished up in the snows of northern Ragesia. Simeon warns them that another mission may be coming for the heroes, but leaves after telling them to expect a new war council soon. The party meanwhile spend the first night back purely in celebration after the success of their journeys.

Days pass and the party gets to spend some time doing small tasks for themselves: a date night, some crafting of meaningful items, some conversations with family. Soon enough though, the war council begins. After Xavious lays out the plan of attack and Pilus makes a surprise long-distance visit, the weapon is first unleashed as an area of the room and surrounding city is frozen. Ice elementals pile into the room, but the party deals with them in short order. The true toll is the death of so many stunned bystanders and civilians both in the audience room and the city. In stark juxtaposition to the previous days of celebration and hope, the scenes of dead lining the streets is a sobering crash back down to reality.

With renewed purpose, the remaining days of preparation go quickly. Sheena spends time with Bryn when possible learning more about the Torch and how it functions while Simeon stocks everyone up with potions (probably too many honestly) and upgraded items. At midnight, everything is in place and the assault begins. The first stage goes off without a hitch as the group and an army of 5,000 are teleported successfully to northern Ragesia to stage. A short hour later and the party is flying over the mountains while the army marches towards the Needle.

This is where the group surprised me. I was prepared for the first fight with the flying mammoth and archers, but they decided to just make a break for the cave and ignore them. They took some damage, though admittedly not a ton, before sealing the entrance with a wall of force behind themselves. It was honestly a great play, though they figured they would have to deal with the entrance group at some point in the future, but it did leave them split up as the faster members of the party got way further into the GIGANTIC cave that housed the Eye. Winry was hundreds of feet in front of everyone, Rev and Myetharia next, with Bryn and Jack near the entrance still by the time things began to kick off.

Winry went straight up to Kreven's projection and tried to take him down. I decided it was more fun if he wasn't real, so the strikes did nothing. Before she could figure out what was going on, creatures began striding through the walls of the cave to separate them. Koren got to cast Dominate Person on Rev from behind the illusion, causing him to leap at Myetharia and land a devastating hit to her, nearly taking her down. The illusory walls drop and the group realizes how much trouble they are in. Jack is chased by a remorhaz, wolves group up Bryn with Rev (who gets enslaved by the aboleth) and Myetharia, while Velkiss isolates Winry. Koren is safe in the back and Kreven casts a lightning bolt through Velkiss that brings multiple party members quite low.

The party tries to pull out everything they have, hold monster on the remorhaz gets dispelled, Myetharia is down, Rev mind controlled, Winry and Bryn bleeding badly... when Jack decides to do the unthinkable. He remembers Parallax's words from before; an offer of salvation at a price. And this time, he agrees without knowing what it may cost in the future. As the sword is raised up, Parallax calls upon the Stormchaser Eagle's power remaining and lashes out with bolts of electricity so powerful they appear as arc flashes obliterating creatures where they stand.

The day is saved, the Eye blinded, but at what cost...

This was truly an epic moment of our campaign. I had planted Parallax as something of a get out of jail free card in return for forcing a later event that I think will be great in the ending. I was legitimately scared that I was TPKing the group in this fight as things were not going well for them at all, so Jack taking the offer really was great. I, however, was surprised. Jack's player tends to be pretty pragmatic, so I didn't think he would willingly offer himself to an unknown fate. I am really glad he did though because it was perfect. I do know what the cost will be (unless I change my mind before then), but I don't want to write it out just in case. Everyone in the party is shocked and invested in how this story will play out.

In the end, since I had nearly killed them already, I had the side tunnels on the map lead them to a hidden back entrance to avoid more conflict before they headed off to the Scourge fortress. No rest for the wicked may be the saying, but today there is also none for the heroes.

I'm actually surprised we didn't write in a "the Eye has magic that auto-stabilizes you, so if the party loses the baddies can toss them into the Scourge prison."

Remind me if your players read this thread.


They aren't supposed to be. I have warned them to not.

My idea is requiring Jack to sacrifice himself at the Aquilline Heart in order to give life back to the Stormchaser Eagle. My thought is reuniting the sword and Torch with the Heart instead of destroying it, and using Jack's body as fuel, gives body, spirit, and heart back to the Eagle and bringing things back into balance. My idea is that Jack has some influence with the Eagle, is able to revoke the blood's power from Leska, teleport the party to safety, etc.



A Prison, A Crystal, and A Wulf​

It has been a long time, so apologies there, but between scheduling problems and just a longer section, we finally finished up the 8th adventure! As an aside, we continue to upload our sessions on various streaming sites, and just this week have started uploading video of ourselves and our game on YouTube. Feel free to check it out if you aren't already! (Thanks for the kind words @Oginme ) We just uploaded our first episode with video and it is the last session that we'd played before my previous recap post, so perfect timing there.

When the party arrives at the Scourge fortress, Pilus tells them to hold on before unleashing the power of Tempest down upon the prismatic wall protecting it. Everyone is thrown backwards and injured, but the wall, and the defenders, are gone. This was a truly shocking moment for the party and truly showing off the power of the flying shark, which bodes well for later on. Especially with Rev being attached to Pilus through his former boss now turned Pilus' seeming best friend. There has been many moments where Rev has tried to find his former master, Aemon Ming, but I always had the Forbiddance around Tempest stop him from seeing anything useful. Now he gets a better realization for why and how difficult the task before him will yet be.

The remaining guards are dealt with swiftly, but inside turns a bit more dangerous. I decided to not separate the first couple of fights inside because most of the enemies there are pretty simple and pushovers meant for resource drain more than threat. So despite not getting hit a ton, the group was getting in danger of being overrun by sheer numbers of undead throwing themselves at them. Eventually, Bryn burned one of her remaining 2 channel divinities to destroy the majority of them, win the fight, and keep things moving. I put a 1 hour clock on them, so there was no time for resting anymore from here to the end as the army would be coming back to hunt them down. This let them take 1 short rest, but nothing more for the remainder of the fortress.

Deeper in, the pudding was dealt with pretty simply. I fudged some rules with it a little bit (dividing 5 is not so easy as 4), but overall it was interesting. More importantly though was the encounter with Clark the clerk. We ended up being live for this session for nearly all of us, and so we had a guest appearance play Clark. The fiancée of Becca (Myetharia) picked up the role and had a blast trying his best to destroy the party in the clean room. It was a very different fight than any beforehand, which was great! The room of anti-magic really changed how everyone thought about their characters and what they could do, so I would really recommend playing this fight out and pushing things here. The poisons are also a really good touch to make things really dangerous with the lack of healing and just high damage numbers.

In the end, Clark wasn't enough, but he got his chance at glory. While surrendering, one of his men attempted to grab Myetharia and dive into the prison pit, shouting "For Ragesia!" on the way. His moment of crazed patriotism failed when he did not win the roll off and plummeted himself down the pit. Fortunately, next session guaranteed that he was not alone. The walls of force rose, the waters turned on, and the party washed out into the prison below. They tried to resist some, but with Jack being pulled straight in on turn 1, the rest of the group didn't have much choice but to follow.

I didn't dwell too long on the prison section itself, moving them pretty quickly along to where they needed to go, but I did put an NPC from Jack's backstory here. His antagonistic rival growing up, Gil, was taken by the Scourge recently after the events in Dassen. It was really fun to have a reluctantly grateful, but still grumpy about it, person who wasn't really an enemy in the mix to remind everyone of how far they have come since the beginning. The comparison between Gil, stuck in his memories of the past and competition with Jack, compared to the problems that they are working on dealing with now was meaningful for them. There truly are just bigger fish to fry for the group now than petty squabbles like that.

On a similar note, they next find themselves in front of Guthwulf; a man they have long craved killing. Instead of drawing blades though, they recognized that they might need to work together for the time being to get out of this mess. Calling a temporary truce, Guthwulf opens the way for them during the next break in singing and the group heads inside to deal with the engine of the Obelisk. The fight with Agony had a ton of potential to be great, but a series of really great saving throws by the group to avoid damage back and a thought that this was the climax of the encounter led to them throwing some very high level spells into the mix, avoiding recoil, and killing Agony in fairly short order. The biggest concern was actually that Etinifi might be killed rather than anyone in the group would be, which did cause some interesting choices for people. I always like it when fights have alternate failure conditions than just being wiped out as it forces you to think differently.

With Agony dealt with, they bartered with Guthwulf again, giving him money to summon a burrowing fiend to lead the prisoners to safety, while the party heads up to deal with Kreven, the brains behind the weapon. I had spiced up this fight a little given that many of the combatants died in the previous events at the Eye, adding in a few erinyes (one of which was from a one-shot the group had done a while ago) and defensive brutes. It was a good time, but with the buffs the party had and the relative lack of high powered attacking options outside of Kreven to punch through the Twilight Sanctuary, it wasn't deadly.

Kreven dead, the obelisk still had to be dealt with. I decided to offer the ability to kill 2 birds with 1 stone (and fix a problem for myself) by letting the party use the remaining energy themselves. They nuked the army that was coming back to the Fortress instead of having to deal with them at all (as I realized that teleportation would still be blocked despite what the adventure says, at least without some GM hand waving). Calling down multiple high level spells and modifying them with metamagic at will allowed them to destroy the group instantly and brutally, something that I used in the next session to help Guthwulf talk his way out of death, and destroyed the crystal for good, ending the threat.

All danger dealt with, they met back up with Guthwulf and the prisoners, considered killing him when he wouldn't come bound and powerless, but decided to agree when he threatened calling down high level magic on them. I planned that Guthwulf could die there, but he wouldn't without trying to kill as many of the prisoners as he could, calling down either fire storm or an earthquake to render what the party had done less complete of a victory. They did dodge this by dealing, but it was a close run thing for sure.

Reuniting with Xavious, and seeing the results of the battle had there, the group opens a portal back to Seaquen, where still in the middle of the night, they are treated once more as the heroes their actions deserve. The town saved, the Resistance no longer in imminent danger, they have a few days to prepare before the next effort towards Gate Pass.

This will be a long awaited section coming up as the party has wanted to go back to Gate Pass nearly ever session since they got to Seaquen. I also have some ideas for going forward that might still come up as well as we may have a party member needing to take an extended break (darn you real life and babies...). We shall see how we deal with it in the coming months, but everyone is very excited to be bringing everything back around full circle for the next adventure!

E: Totally didn't post this with "Title" still at the top...


The room of anti-magic really changed how everyone thought about their characters and what they could do, so I would really recommend playing this fight out and pushing things here.
Just about to do my write-up (not quite done with adventure 8), and I can't agree more. A nasty and surprisingly fun fight.

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