D&D General G4's New D&D Show Is Called 'Invitation to Party'

The D&D show that US digital network G4 announced earlier this year has a title -- Invitation to Party.

Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 2.43.32 PM.png

The show launches this month, and will be an actual play show with B. Dave Walters as the Dungeon Master, who will be running the game for Kassem Gharaibeh, Fiona Nova, Indiana Black, and Ify Nwadiwe. It launches on streaming services Friday, 19th November at 6pm ET (11pm GMT) and then re-broadcast on G4TV on the Monday.


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Jacob Lewis

Ye Olde GM
So the channel is G4, right? I think they missed an opportunity not getting on board with 4th edition. Of course, it's never too late to go back. Just sayin.

Oh! What if they only played the fourth editions of other games, too? I may be a marketing genius! 😁


Baronet of Gaming
I'll be interested to see how this goes. I'm not a huge actual play consumer. I stopped listening to Critical Role halfway through Season 1 (just started Season 3 to give it another go). I hope it does well and then maybe there could be one for Pathfinder, where my heart truly lies, but I have a feeling this show will come off a little "How do you do, my fellow humans, I too play the dungeon and the dragons." Not dismissing it, but I'll need to see the production values first, otherwise, it is yet another D&D actual play amongst hundreds, TV broadcasted or not.


Lowcountry Low Roller
That logo is definitely a bit unfortunate. However B Dave was great as a player in this Call of Cthulhu one shot (all around great table IMHO and, Becca, the keeper ran it with great style).



Game Designer
Big pass for me. I absolutely can't stand B. Dave Walters. Getting through LA by Night with him as a player was hard. Nothing against him, but there's something about the way he speaks, his faces, his energy. Must remind me of someone.

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