Gamers Near Quincy, IL?

Bard Lucian

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I might be moving to Quincy, IL in the next couple of months, and I am looking for gamers in the area. Are there any members of the Qunicy community interested in gaming on these boards?

Scott Paeth

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I'm originally from Hannibal, MO, so I can answer "Yes, really, nobody."

That is, there are probably no gamers in Quincy that are also on ENWorld. But who knows? I think there's a comic book store down by the State Street Store (if that place is still there) that maybe sells RPG products. Someone there might be able to give you some leads. The only other place I know of that sells RPG products is the Waldenbooks in the mall. Maybe there are gamers at Quincy College? (I'm doubtful.)

-Caveat: I haven't been to Quincy in several years.

I'm just saying that I get the impression that Quincy is not a roleplaying mecca - it may take a while. Good luck to you!


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Resurrecting this thread, Quincy IL

I recently moved to Hannibal MO for a job and am looking for D&D gamers in the area, including Quincy IL. Although I've been here months, I am having trouble even finding an RPG gaming store! I've been playing 2nd Ed. for years now because my last group and I just didn't pony up the dough for the 3rd edition books (and we're too set in our ways); generally in the Realms setting with a bit of Dragonlance, Ravenloft, Dark Sun, and even a stint of old Buck Rogers.

Anyhow, looking for a seasoned group, have DM'd for years in 2nd edition but not 3rd, so would prefer to play 3rd. Always have enjoyed a gaming group ages 22 and up, generally somewhat responsible crowd whose idea of gaming is to have fun and socialize, not build uber-PCs or engage in mindless hack n' slash with Tiamat at 1st level alongside the avatar of Tempus and armed with Holy Avengers that we 'found' in the trash of a gnomish inventor. You get the point.

Any connections anyone has in the area or even directions to an RPG store would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


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Yeah, good luck. Most of my extended family lives over there, (Ursa and Lima, mostly), and it's definatly not a very D&D friendly area. I tend to refer to it when I go there for Christmas as the "Land Internet Forgot". The only place I know of that even sells some D&D stuff is the Waldens in the mall (forgot its name).

I will ask my Grandma if she knows anything when I call her this weekend.


Hey guys,

There used to be a gaming convention in Quincy called QuinCon put on by the Great River Gaming Guild. I have no idea if it is still going.

Holy Cow! I just found a web presence for QuinCon and the convention is the last weekend in June. The website is hosted on Angelfire though so prepare for pop-ups. The page gives a contact of - no real name.

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