Gamers Near Quincy, IL?


What is cool is I use to attend the convention as a dealer, they run a very good show and have had a very stead group. Of couse I have not done any conventionas since November 2001.

What is cool is that the upstairs is a bowling alley and the local gameshop was four doors down. Usuall deallers were the gameroom from Peoria and Dragons Table from Champaign.

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Thanks for the replies! Disheartening to hear this size of town doesn't even have a good gaming store. I remember taking a road-trip back in highschool to the QuinCon years ago, back before I had ditched all my old Magic cards and had the free time to pull all-night marathons. Not bad. This QuinCon unfortunately runs at the exact same time I promised I'd be at a wedding (not my own). I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope some miracle saves me from having to trek to southern Indiana, but hope is slim.....

Ah well, there's an open bar, so I'll get something outta it. :confused:


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I'm Looking Too

I live in Quincy, IL and have been playing D&D 3.5 for just over a year. I have a good knowledge of the rules and am looking for a 2nd group to play in (hopefully one that meets more than once every 3 months). I play in another local group and they have been playing for over 20 years, though they're not looking for new members at this time. Please, download my vCard and contact me!

P.S. There IS a gaming store in Quincy, though not well-known or well stocked. It is on the south-east side of the 36th and Maine intersection in the middle of a group of 3 shops. He sells mostly models but has a wall of D&D books and figures. Also sells regular and rare dice (100 sided & others) I forgot the name of the shop.


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Lots of gaming in Quincy

First, there's the Great River Gaming Guild. It's been around for over 25 years. They run a convention the third weekend in June every year.

Yes, this weekend (June 20-22, 2008).

They also have gaming every Sunday night from 6-10pm in the basement hall at Tangerine Bowl at 36th & Maine.

They've been doing THAT for years too.

Up until a month ago there were three places that sold games: Quincy Hobby on Maine just east of 36th, Midwest Comics and Collectibles on Broadway just east of 18th, and Par-a-dice Games and Comics at 12th and Vermont. Oh yeah, and Waldenbooks in the mall, though they're clueless. Midwest is closed temporarily while the owner takes some time off and finds a new storefront.

I've lived in Quincy since 1996. I've known about the Guild since 1998, and patronized Quincy Hobby and Midwest since that time.

Don't know what rocks you guys from Quincy and Hannibal were living under, but everyone of those except Paradice has been operating since well before the original 2003 posting on this thread.

Oh and btw, I've had internet since I moved here in 1996, and switched to DSL in 2001, and at decent prices too.

Forgottonia western Illinois has been, but not anymore.

And we have some good looking women too. And too much river water at the moment. :)

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