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Geek Confessional Thread 2024


I did a quick search but it looks like we haven't had one of these in a while, so...

1. I am looking forward for the pop cultural D&D fad to end and for it to slip back into the Geek Domain. I can't really articulate why. I don't begrudge anyone playing and liking D&D, but when NPR covers it or Converse licenses it, i cringe.

2. Dune is STILL overrated.

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I haven't seen an MCU movie since Endgame.

That is too say, no new ones. I've rewatched older ones a couple times, and have seen a couple TV shows. I'm assuming this streak will eventually be broken by GotG 3 or Deadpool and Wolverine, possibly Wakanda Forever. And I suspect I'm going to feel a little salty that Deadpool is getting sucked into the MCU.


I really liked the early seasons of The Big Bang Theory.

In relation to your point #1, I kind of wish geek/nerd culture as a whole would slip back out of the mainstream. I know there's a lot of good that comes with it being popular, but I feel like we've hit critical mass and are now witnessing the returns starting to diminish. Back in the late 2000's/early 2010's when it was starting to be cool to be a nerd, and we were all running around yelling "The Cake is a Lie".. That was fun. Now it just feels forced and overly commercialized. We beat the superhero horse to death, and they're still trying to get another lap out of it.


1. I don't watch TV shows. I don't have the patience.
2. Stuff like Game of Thrones or the Joker movie I find distasteful to root for a villain as the protagonist.
3. If a story can't be told in under 500 pages, the book is overwritten. (I also don't read a series beyond Book One.)
4. I don't like comedy in my sci-fi/fantasy (no Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams), unless something is intended as a complete comedy - like Spaceballs, Galaxy Quest, etc.
5. Dune is boring.
6. Lord of the Rings is a boring novel.
7. Modern video games are too complex for me.
8. I've never played an MMO.
9. I've never played MtG.
10. I don't like learning new boardgames.


He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
I got a sick satisfaction of watching Scarlet Witch single-handedly rip apart a team of supers in Doctor Strange 2.

Anybody seen Warrior on Max? I also get much satisfaction from the hollow thunk noise anytime a dude gets hit on the head by a policeman's night stick or set of nun-chucks. I cant explain it, but they do it alot.


The EN World kitten
I agree with regard to TTRPGs being more enjoyable as a cottage industry/hobby, rather than a mainstream activity. I'm sure the increased business is good commercially, but it just seems to me that there have recently been a lot of examples as to why people see "widespread popularity" as an indicator of "lacking in quality." Yes, popularity and quality are actually orthogonal, but still...

On a completely unrelated note, I've lost all of my love for Star Wars. I've never been its biggest fan (preferring fantasy over sci-fi in general), but while I could appreciate it when it was at its best, the current crop of offerings has pretty well killed my affection for the brand.


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Neither is Ryan Reynolds, but the only time his shtick kind of works is Deadpool. It still becomes grating.

I thought, for a while, that it was that I didn't appreciate Ryan Reynolds. But I liked him in Free Guy and The Adam Project.

I don't really like Deadpool in the comics either.


The EN World kitten
Neither is Ryan Reynolds, but the only time his shtick kind of works is Deadpool. It still becomes grating.
He was great in Woman in Gold. It was nice to see him get to do something dramatic, rather than make constant wisecracks.

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