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Geek Confessional Thread 2024

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I don't care about space. I'm down to pop-sci, I will absolutely take your biology fact about an obscure insect, or a cool new material science innovation, but any story about yet another telescope, using yet another variant of radio/light/gravitational waves to take a picture of [insert impossibly big number] far away/old thing that I will never meaningfully interact with is not interesting and I don't care.

Get back to me when we're mining asteroids and going places, until then, space isn't the interesting and exciting face of science, and it's endlessly frustrating that it ends up plastered all over the sci-com/pop-sci stuff I'm otherwise interested in looking at.


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Despite being in the hobby for decades and having been a mod here for a few years, I am almost completely uninterested in the quasi-academic discussions about games. So a lot of the terminology like “story first” or “player agency” are nigh-meaningless to me.

When I encounter ENW reports that require some understanding of such things, I look them up. If and when I can grasp the concepts, I return to deciding on what moderation- if any- is warranted. But anything I’ve learned is pretty much forgotten in a few days.
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I don't really like Star Trek. The original series with captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura et al are at least entertaining in their kitchy way. Noone can claim they are good writing though. Felt Next Generation was quite boring, and I absolutely hate the character Q. Keep your damned gods out of my science fiction, and for Voyager, well let's just say there are plenty of characters that should have been pushed out of the nearest airlock without any space suits on (or beamed out to the cold vacuum of space.... I am talking about Tuvok, Neelix, and Kes). That said, I have had fun playing in a Star Trek adventures-game.

Never seen a complete episode of Big Bang Theory. I really really hate the kind of pathetic comedy that is in that type of shows. Which means I hate basically all the popular sitcoms (Frasier, how I met your mother, friends, etc..). I would almost prefer watching a football-game (soccer) than those shows, and I hate watching football as nothing happens.

I enjoyed Alien 4 (except the look of the "birthed" alien).

I think Avatar (dances with Schmurphs) was overrated. The CGI was awesome, but the story was lacking.

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