D&D General Gelatinous Cube Toy For Action Figures

In March 2023 you will be able to buy a gelatinous cube and put your 6" action figures in it. Is this the thing you didn't know you needed?



Watch out, it’s a Gelatinous Cube! This 6-inch-scale collectible is compatible with D&D 6-Inch figures that can be posed out inside with the “invisible” stand. It includes 14 snap-in accessories to add to the scene. This cubic collector figure will probably look cool in your display, looking menacingly over your other Golden Archive figures. Figures each sold separately. Subject to availability.

OPEN THE DOORS TO THE GOLDEN ARCHIVE. These 6-inch scale, premium action figures and collectibles are inspired by Dungeons & Dragons lore and entertainment from nearly 50 years. Featuring the deco, articulation, and poseability one expects from Hasbro collectible figures with the characters, classes, and species you love from D&D.

Includes: 6 cube panels for assembly into figure, 14 accessories, stand, and instructions.
  • 6-INCH SCALE GELATINOUS CUBE: Pose a 6-inch action figure within your Gelatinous Cube collectible figure and imagine the heroes of D&D stuck inside. Figures sold separately. Subject to availability.
  • 14 SNAP-IN ACCESSORIES & “INVISIBLE” STAND: D&D dice are the D&D accessories of choice for boring humans, but this Gelatinous Cube comes with accessories & stand for prodigious posing possibilities
  • INSPIRED BY THE DUNGEONS & DRAGONS MOVIE: Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves may have dungeons and dragons. We won’t tell. Spoilers!
  • IS IT A GOOD D&D GIFT FOR BOYS, MEN, GIRLS, WOMEN, AND ALSO EVERYONE?: We can’t brag (really, we can’t) but this transluscent, 6-inch scale Gelatinous Cube may tickle the fancy of the D&D fans in your life
  • ROLL A PERCEPTION CHECK TO FIND MORE D&D GOLDEN ARCHIVE FIGURES: More 6-inch action figures means more D&D gifts. Each sold separately. Subject to availability.

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Looks fun, but you can easily make gelatinous cubes many ways including simply using some clear plastic packaging and a hot glue gun. Or any number of other ways, including old dice containers like I do.

But a Mr Potato Head gelatinous cube would be pretty awesome if anyone is looking for a Christmas gift for their favorite DM. ;)


Huhn - did this thing eat Hank and the others? I see Hank's bow, part of Eric's shield, Bobby's leg and Diana's necklace - I guess Sheila was the only one who got away?

I have the D&D mini cube, and it was quite expensive as I recall. Don't think I feel a need for this one.


Scion of Murgen (He/Him)
Looks fun. I've always enjoyed cubes, and have used a ton of the various oozes in my old school games. I played in a 1975-style game a year or two ago in which gelatinous cubes were terrifying, and killed multiple PCs and hirelings. When we finally killed one there was much rejoicing.

I also finally watched Onward last night, and it was fun to see one there.


Mind Mage
It would be cool if the cube is hollow, so that you put it over a mini, like an upside down cup, thus "engulf" the mini.


Scion of Murgen (He/Him)
Is it intentional that the artwork looks like Chris Pine being engulfed? I'd almost think it's a preview of a scene from the movie, but presumably he wouldn't survive it if that actually happened.
View attachment 255206
It's absolutely intentional. The recent trailer for the movie may shed some more light on this for you, if you're not opposed to spoilers.


Is it intentional that the artwork looks like Chris Pine being engulfed? I'd almost think it's a preview of a scene from the movie, but presumably he wouldn't survive it if that actually happened.
View attachment 255206
In the trailer, he dives into a gelatinous cube to avoid a displacer beast. Depending on his HP, he could survive I suppose, if he had help getting back out.

*edit beaten by Mannahnin


Actually, I don't think I've run or encountered any of the oozes.

Are you sure you've played D&D? Oozes are brutal and iconic. I can't imagine playing D&D for six months and not running into a few. They have a pretty awesome attribute of having vague enough ecological requirements to fit into almost any underground environment that isn't completely sealed off, which makes them really nice in terms of suspension of disbelief when designing dungeons, and they also massively scale to level due to a lot of them having level invariant abilities that are always threatening which makes them a great tool in the toolset regardless of what level you are designing for.

Is this the thing you didn't know you needed?
Almost. What it did make me realize is the thing I need that I never knew I needed is a recipe for an edible gelatinous cube!

I mean obviously gelatin, maybe lemon jello even. But what little edible trinkets can one get or make?

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