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This was in response to the Millennial D&D thread above.: D&D General - Millennial D&D (+)

What would a GenX D&D look like?

I'm interested in either parodies of tropes of Gen X culture (or, you know, whatever) or the theme of older or retired adventurers.

(Not going to put the (+) for this one--though no shade on anyone who does-- you can roast me if you want.)

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I would be looking for a game that is about extraction from the grind. The challenge or quest, is how do you get yourself untangled from the disaster that is the 'adventure grind' before it kills you.


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Adventure hooks:

The Wizard/Dragon/BBEG of choice isn’t home; come on over.

Bunch of kids (the party) wander off- probably into the forest- and nobody realizes it’s 10PM and they’re not home.

The party crashes a fancy dress ball and hilarity ensues.

The party skips class and goes on adventures in the city.

The party is in detention and has adventures in the castle when their monitor stops paying attention.


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See, this is where you put the Grimdark D&D. Gen X is the one that grew up on the "Dark Age of Comics." Gen X is the generation that loved "sticking it to the man," that went all in for the violence and the sex and the brutality and all the rest.

Edgy, holier-than-thou nihilism is a perfect fit for Gen X D&D.


Bunch of dwarf paladin dads playing their dwarf paladin PCs as protectors of their teenage kids' chaotic neutral PCs

That's what I've seen nearly exclusively for Gen X DnD

DM starts Session 1. Tells you to go adventure by yourself and be back by dinner, tosses you some dice, then heads off to work. You finish your adventure two hours late, dinner is in the fridge and the DM is watching TV. You heat it up and take it to your room. The End.

At least you got to play that campaign for 20 years.

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