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I crit!
And I’m going to run this for free rpg day June 24th.

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The tenth printing cover does look nice. I will admit though that, for me anyway, these are the two I would go for as a choice.

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This is my favorite DCC cover. Sanjulian is amazing.
I was going to buy the second at GaryCon but they sold out of all their core books early! They had pallets of em!
Oh. That sucks. But good for them. They deserve the increased sales.

I love the misfires in this game. Its dead at work so me and some work friends started doing a one-shot.

My eyes just fell out of my head and there currently somewhere down the side of a mountain.

Guess were taking on this dungeon blind. 💀


I found the XP system poorly defined and the time between levels to be slower than I prefer. I also found that the implied tone worked better for one shots. Some mechanics like burning luck are much more fun in a one shot when you can nova and not spend a lot of game time recovering.

Tracking corruption for magic users is also not so fun in a longer campaign.

I also find it funny to claim DCC is easier than 5e since is is solidly built on the 3.0/3.5 foundation and you roll more dice more often and the criticals and fumbles are more work.

Spells not only have the success roll and saving throws but they also have all the normal D&D details added to the table.

Dice chain is not as intuitive as bonuses to the same D20.

I really like it and own most of the modules and settings that have been published, but I think it is way fiddler than 5e. 5e all the extra work is to create a character.

I certainly recommend trying it. In the weird frontiers (I think that was the final name, started at dark trails) game my cleric based character was floating 20 feet in the air striking the alien foes with the wrath of god after I burned most of my luck in the final big boss fight. That type of flavorful nova is not im the bones of 5e like DCC is.
I am with you. I am currently running a DCC campaign and as much as I like the gonzo style - it will probably be a one-off convention game for me going forward.


I found the articles I was thinking about and edited them into the 3rd post.

I can't wait for the hardback reprint of Purple Planet. Such a cool box...but so expensive now.
When are they doing that? Any word? I’m waiting on Errol’s core book cover. DCC is now my main game. Got Dying Earth today. That’s how a campaign setting should be done. Boxed set and a ton of adventures ready to go.

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The array of Dying Earth modules funded through Kickstarter is amazing. Not only do you have a full campaign through level five, you have alternate choices if some of the modules aren't your cup of tea or the characters didn't get enough XP to level up to the next module in the series.

Looking forward to hearing how Dying Earth magicians compare to the spellcasters in the core book.

(Look, I love Lankhmar, too, but not even Monte Cook loves spellcasters more than I do.)

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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