D&D 5E Get The Vecna Dossier Free At D&D Beyond

WotC is offering a free product which you can claim by signing into D&D Beyond, including Vecna’s 5E statistics.

The dossier includes the stat block plus a half page or so of lore. Vecna's stat block is a CR 26 undead wizard, prior to the fallen paladin (and former bodyguard to the lich) Kas's betrayal. That means he still has his hand and eye, although he is a time traveller and can appear in different worlds and eras.


The archlich Vecna is one of the most iconic villains of Dungeons & Dragons lore. And now you can bear witness to his necromantic magic with the Vecna Dossier! Available at no cost with your D&D Beyond account, this thrilling supplement details the legacy and statistics of the Undying King himself!

This claim unlocks the contents of this promotional supplement for use with D&D Beyond, including the supplement in digital format in the game compendium and in the searchable listings, character builder, encounters, and digital sheet.

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Well, off the top of my head:

Epub - allows reading on various devices and will automatically reformat text so that I can read it in any orientation on any size screen. Also allows me to change the background color, automatically search text, change font, change font size for my poor old eyes, do I need more?

How's that for better?
I would not mind Epub D&D books

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How are pdfs obsolescent? A format being around for a while doesn't automatically make it out of date or less useful. Name a format that does everything pdfs do better.
Welcome to the ever cyclical conversation about why Wizards won't do pdf files. Literally 5 pages back has this same exact conversation. It never changes because wizards never does and their fanboys will always defend them; even if they were to offer them polished dogpoo they'd say claim, "but at least it's free!"

It may not be offered at all after today. It seems to me that it was a limited time offer (like the McRib) and once its gone, well it is gone!

Notice how it doesn't say you can get it at all in the future:

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...oh wait. So much for free s&>/.

As was said before. If a product is free, you are the product. And thank you all for promoting Wizard's D&D beyond for them.

Tangent related to this quote, funnily enough, the McRib has nothing to do with being a "limited" thing, nor is it ever truly gone. It is based on the availability of cheap pork meat being a cyclical thing. They slaughter pigs in greater numbers around the holidays because people want holiday hams or barbeque in the summer, and then freeze the leftover meat most people don't care as much for that isn't good for those sorts of things. A few months later the McRib comes out for a few weeks based when then snatch up most of this lesser meat on the cheap and then market it as a "limited product" as a gimmick to get people to buy it.
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I suspect that we are over thinking the significance of the way they released Vecna to Dndbeyond. It seems much more of a throwing it against the wall and seeing what sticks approach.

My supporting evidence:
  • it's done by Ray Winninger who is a manager and doesn't usually do design
  • it's not well integrated into the dndbeyond platform (it is a 'source' that doesn't appear in the source menu)
In my head the conversation from Ray goes something like:
  • Venca is going into the next season of Stranger Things, we should do something for that
  • Hey, I haven't got my hands dirty in a while, maybe I should give it a go
  • We just bought this new software thingy, is there anyway we could use that?
Well, same with the Sapphire Dragon: they released it for the Sapphire Anniversary of D&D at 45 years old, and then it ended up in a book.


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... their fanboys will always defend them; even if they were to offer them polished dogpoo they'd say claim, "but at least it's free!"

Mod Note:
You have chosen to put everyone who disagrees with you in a box, and insult and dismiss them.

This is wholly inappropriate, and has earned you a trip out of this discussion.

Wheaton's Law, people. It is really simple.


if I could down load it as an epub and read it on my devices off line I would see what you mean...but these are epub they are epub like proprietary software
Yes, the proprietary part is part of what they like about it, for sure. And they add some value to it, like persistent cloud character sheets and such.


I wonder if you would feel that way if they shut down the server?
I don't feel it strongly, I don't use it: I like physical books and the feel of pen on paper. No digital tools for me. But I see that Beyond has a value offering that meets WotC and customer needs (for customers who want this sort of thing, this is precisely the sort of thing that they would want).

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