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5E Giant Hamsters From Outer Space!


Elder Thing
We know that look. That “If I need to come up with one more statblock for a loveable gigantic furry rodent on the fly I’m going to burrow into the ground so deeply they’ll never find me in a million years, then gnaw anxiously on a stove pipe” look.

You need help. You need Giant Hamsters From Outer Space!

Containing over 20 incredibly distinct and innovative monster entries (each accompanied by the very highest-quality and unique art as well as field notes from one of the engineers behind the different species), a new character race/ancestry, and three new subclasses, this book will save your 5e game, align the stars, and quite possibly bring about permanent peace throughout the cosmos.

Note: The actual PDF document is landscape format.

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Giant Hamsters From Outer Space!
GHfOS Cover LS.jpg

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