Gift Ideas for Players

As an Amazon Vine reviewer I get the opportunity to review a lot of content for gamers. With the holiday season fast upon us, here's the gamer gear for players that got high marks from me. I've ordered them in price from least to most expensive.

Flame Markers

  • Brand: SMONEX
  • Price: $9
My wife plays a fire sorcerer. She sets everything on fire. Everything. Her favorite spell is create bonfire, which she gleefully positions behind targets before blasting them with fire spells. If you've got a pyromaniac caster in your group (and who doesn't?), these markers are a must.

Dice Tray

  • Brand: TitanShield
  • Price: $9
There are a lot of dice trays out there, but this is one of my favorites. It's a step above the other trays because it magnetically snaps together, which makes putting it together faster and also makes the tray sturdier.

Polyhedral Dice Set

  • Brand: SmartDealsPro
  • Price: $11
There are a lot of dice available these days, but not all of them are perfect for spellcasters. This six-dice set covers a lot of colors associated with damage types: purple (psychic), yellow (lightning), blue (cold), red (fire), and brown (bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing). Each set comes with its own dice bag as well as one large dice bag to hold all six sets.

Spellbook Cards Holder

  • Brand: Byhoo
  • Price: $13
If you know a player who uses spell cards for Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons, this handy holder is a lifesaver. It can hold up to 60 cards in an attractive faux-leather binder that ties closed with a dragon clasp. It also comes with 61 blank cards you can write on if you're using it to track equipment.

Acrylic Condition Rings

  • Brand: Tidyboss
  • Price: $18
I've reviewed a lot of condition rings and all of them are flawed: you can't tell what color they are at a glance, there's not enough of them, or they don't stack. These acrylic rings have different colors so they're easy to spot, cover all the spell and condition effects for Fifth Edition D&D, and you can stack them so you can see multiple effects on the fighter who always fails their saves.

Metal Red & Black Dice

  • Brand: Momostar
  • Price: $23
I play a lot of clerics but it's rare I find that perfect combination of dice colors that represent that combination of healing and combat. These metal red and black dice evoke the Hospitallers.
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Michael Tresca

Michael Tresca


Rotten DM
Walmart has 4 sets of dice in stores starting around $8. (Guess what the grand nieces got crazy uncle for Christmas). The Jada metal figures start around $9. Both are these are in the stores.
Target had a leather dice tray for $10. They were calling it something else.


That's my dog, Walter
I am sure it is hard right now for these small shops making little trinkets, probably for makes of war game miniatures as well? I know I have not bought a single physical RPG item other than a few books.


I have one guy in my group who is a great gift giver. Back when I ran our campaign in person in southern California, he got everyone in our campaign a steel Hero Forge of their characters, and one time when he went to Disney World, he brought back Mickey Mouse dice (d6s with MM silhouette pips). Since I moved away and we play online, he has commissioned art of the PCs the last two Christmases.

Back when we played in person, I would get a big set of dice off of Amazon and let everyone choose a color. Then I would keep the rest. One year I got everyone Crown Royal bags off eBay and had them monogrammed with their character names.

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