D&D 5E Gifts vs Feats: Supernatural/Dark/Dragon Gifts

Has anyone else noticed the simularities between not just Supernatural and Dark Gifts, but also the Dragon Gift "Feats" from the last UA?

Does anyone think Dragonic Gifts (Metallic, Chromatic, and Gem) could be used the same way for a book that Theros uses Supernatural Gifts and Ravenloft uses Dark Gifts? Its the same basic structure mechanically, the full is similar, but Dragon themed on how one aquires a Dragon Gift, etc..

Gifts and Feats are at least some what interchangable so it makes sense to play test them as feats first.

And can this be a default sort of mechanic going forward, Gifts tying players to particular setting or campaign themes? Like Psionic Gifts for Darksun, Immortal Gifts for Mystara, etc...?

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I really like that. I hope you’re right.

Gifts and level 1 feats are a great way to add a little customization to a character, and having options that tie into the setting is very cool.

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