D&D General Companion Thread to D&D Survivor: Mystaran Dragons


Frumious Flumph (Your Grace/Your Eminence)
Pocket dragon is page 31 of the Red Creature Catalog, 75 on the green one
Amber Dragon is the Brown dragon, with rules variations detailed in 2e Monstrous Compendium
Lesser Night Dragon is in Champions of Mystara
Greater Night Dragon is Synn, she's also in CoM as well as Glantri boxed set
Undead dragon is page 32 of Red Catalog
Sea Dragon is page 31 of Red catalog

Mystara has 3 monster manuals, but with a ton of overlap, especially between the green and red ones. There's also a lot of dragon-ish creatures, but I figured you wanted true dragons only.
I checked out the Pocket Dragon. The reason I didn't include it in my list is because it's listed as "Dragon-Kin," and if I included all of those, the lists would never end (... "Red Dracolisk," "Red Dracohydra," "Red Drake," "Red Drakon,"okay, on to page 26 of the dragon options...)

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A suffusion of yellow
  • Ruby Dragon: looking similar to red dragons, ruby dragons breathe melting heat which can do fire damage or melt items a character is carrying. They have ravenous appetites and hoard gems

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