GMs: What's your latest module?

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I'm currently preparing to run Shackled City. :)

My latest was Dungeon Crawl #15 (?!): Interludes, specifically the Hunter of Worlds section. The PCs abandoned it mid-dungeon, too hurt to go on and unwilling to explore what was merely a sidetreck.
The Grave of the Prince of Lies also featured in that campaign; it's an encounter, not a module, though. Likewise for some other frozen encoutner, forgot its name.
Before that there was The Andwan Legacy and before that The Eye of Cappelaris (heavily retrofitted).
With some homebrews sprinkled in between.

I was looking forward to using Splintered Peace in that campagin too, but it folded. Oh well.

S. Baldrick

The Shackled City. The group will be finishing up Thirteen Cages tomorrow night. Just 2 more left. We have been running this campaign for a year and a half.
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Last pre-package I ran was Plague of Dreams for Arcana Evolved about two months back - taught me never to do it again. :( Funnily enough, the only pre-packaged before that was Keep on the Borderlands for a Castles and Crusades game. :)

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I am preparing to run Sons of Gruumsh. I am running a homebrew world and intend to use this as the prelude to an upcoming war that will cover most of the continent.


We've been playing for over three years, much of that being taken up by the Banewarrens. The last dozen sessions have been spent on the PCs talking to allies and persuing their characters' various side-quests. As part of the campaign's over-arching plotline I'm using Dungeon magazine's 'Dungeon of the Crypt' adventure for the BBEG's organization's stronghold.

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