GMs: What's your latest module?


Eternal Optimist
Just finished running Necropolis with the Sunday group.

Currently running Three Faces of Evil with the Friday Nighters.


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The Standing Stone is ongoing with my email group . . . they are about to confront the baddies, it seems, having finally decided whom they've suspected from nearly the beginning probably is, in fact, bad.

With my live group, we're in the Sunless Citadel, after running Three Days to Kill.


Running Forge of Fury for the kids and my wife and running Heart of Nightfang Spire for my "let's see if these modules are good" group.


Last module I ran was Shadows of the Last War at the beginning of the current campaign about six months ago. Before then, it was Death in Freeport. I ran that one several times, actually, with different groups.

Dark Dragon

I've just finished For Duty and Deity. I converted it to 3.5 and added some homebrew stuff. It was quite easy to make it an epic-level challenge (the PCs are now at level 24)
Rarely I've seen such relieved players when they realised that they made it :)

Before that module we played Lord of the Iron Fortress. Funny, but the DM may be in trouble if a druid is member of the party ;)

The last module I ran was Crucible of Freya. But that was a while ago. I'm looking at The Rising Knight, the module that came with the C&C boxed set, for the next gaming session.

Having a small gaming group currently in the low levels, I don't get to run that many modules.

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