GMs: What's your latest module?


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My Freeport group just finished up the Forgotten Arch from Dungeon. Next it's off to Hamunaptra and the Desert of Desolation (with a detour to the Isle of Dread along the way).


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My group is currently in the middle of the somewhat modified "assassin's knot" - module (also adjusted for 3.x ed, and located in middle earth).



We're almost at the end of Mad God's Key. I fell in love with an adventure in last month's Dungeon that I plan to run next; because it is the wrong level, I'll need to modify it appropriately. :]

Prince Atom

Currently we're running through White Plume Mountain. We haven't got far, and won't play for one more week, but I see great things afoot. The players, having never gone through the module before, have pretty remarkably solved the two riddles they have yet encountered -- the sphinx's and the flesh golems'.

This is all in a frame story of Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff that I've been running since last February. We're coming up on Session 20 (lots of time off; life intruding!) and I hope it keeps going til the heroes have run off the giants!



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Running the WLD, and my players -finally- got done with Section A, after over 50 hours of play. Things are going pretty well, and they pretty much figured out by now that they are stuck in there for the long run.


After 22 real life months, we JUST finished Fires of Dis. Whew, after losing half a group, getting new players, losing half the new players, going weeks without playing, and running many solo side quests; I was determined to finish this dang adventure.

Now I'm running Maiden Voyage leading directly to the Sea of Blood adventure. I may run the Steading after that.

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