GMs: What's your latest module?

About to start a new campaign set in Freeport.

I'm starting off with "Dead Man's Quest" from Dungeon #107 followed by the Freeport Trilogy (with another Dungeon adventure "The Stink" thrown in between Death in Freeport and Terror in Freeport).

Olaf the Stout

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I'm running Drow War I - The Gathering Storm, with the party finishing off Chapter 4, The Lost Villages. This one will go on for a while. :)

Prior to that I ran a Midnight campaign and before that, my homebrew which had a Freeport Trilogy start. (Freeport is awesome.)

I also ran a campaign in the Scarred Lands that was one of the best GM/RPG experiences that I have ever had.


We finished the Dead Gods Planescape adventure two months ago, but now I'm just playing instead of GMing. That was a long campaign and we explored almost every nook and cranny of the multiverse, from the Negative Energy Plane to the Dawn of the Planes. Three years in real life.


I just restarted Tour of Darkness for Savage Worlds after an 8 week break for another's D&D game. Only 4 sessions in, and it is awesome. My prior Shackled City game and most others for d20 are in serious danger. But, I and everyone else are having a great time.


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We did about half of Ghost Tower of Inverness last night and will complete that tommorrow. We might also start a Light in the Belfry tommorrow since we are doing a long session.


Front Range Warlock
Buffalo Castle! (I just swapped out a stack of HARP books for the new T&T set last night). If you mean latest D&D module, that would be The Ascension of the Magdalene (the D&D/UA crossover from Atlas Games).

I'm just about to run the Khorforjan Gambit. However, some genius brougth Soul Calibur III to the game, and it's not my house ... I'll probably end up starting late.

In an event, I intend to review it and post it at ENWorld.


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Has anyone play tested the new mapped advenutre? Hellspike Prison I think it's called? Fane of the Drow was good for about six hours of game play.


Wanderer of the Underdark
I have three groups I DM for.. each group has different players..

Group 1: Epic level group is currently getting smoked in the abyss (I think this will be the end of the campaign soon unless they get very lucky)

Group 2: Currenly half way thru Shackle City, APL is 11 at the moment I think..

Group 3: Just started and also in Shackle City but in a different aspect, they are hearing of all these terrible things and while this brave group of heroes tackles the brunt of evil.. are attempting to handle things of a smaller scale but related to the over all plot.

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