GMs: What's your latest module?


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We're in the middle of Blackguard's Revenge (one of the Dungeon Crawl Classics series). I'm using quite a few published adventures in this campaign, which is a major departure for me. It's working better than I expected and the players have trouble telling when we're entering and leaving the published stuff as opposed to my homebrew.

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Lord of the Iron Fortress (WotC 3.0 Module), modified for 3.5 and fleshed out for our campaign. Before that was Demon God's Fane (Malhavok 3.0 module).


My tabletop group is running through Chamber of Antiquities from Dungeon and my OpenRPG group has just started on the World's Largest Dungeon.


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My D&D'ers are currently running through a Baba Yaga sidequest while working their way through the Shackled City campaign.

My CoC'ers are running through Beyond the Mountains of Madness.

Job (the tortured one).


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1. Sunless Citadel
2. Goodman Games' Dungeon Crawl #11 (The Dragonfiend Pact) (currently in progress)
3. "Vessel of Stars" free adventure from (next)


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Just finished Goodman Games' Dungeon Crawl Classics 3, The Mysterious Tower. Prior to that were an adventure and a side trek from Dungeon.

Currently in the middle of J D Wiker's Depths of Rage from an old Dungeon.

All of the modules are modified from the original to fit into my "low to medium magic" campaign.

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