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Goblinization Day

Today, April 30th 2021, is the day when 10% of us will change into orks, and trolls.

In Shadowrun lore, this day is known as the start of Goblinization. With no apparent cause, vast swathes of humanity changed into metahumans in front of terrified onlookers.


Goblinization began on 30 April 2021. On this day many humans (approximately 10% of the world's population), without any evident reason, transformed into Orks and Trolls. In most cases, those humans started changing en masse before the very eyes of horrified spectators, causing much panic and alarm. This event made the population fearful and discriminatory, much more than UGE, meeting metahumanity with hostility and sometimes force.

Riots as a result of Goblinization escalated, especially after the 14th amendment of the UCAS constitution gave the same rights to metahumans, culminated into the Night of Rage in 2039. It has had a negative influence on Japan's metahuman policy, and goblinization is indirectly responsible for the formation of the Humanis Policlub. This event caused the Coffee Famine of 2022.

How many posts before jokes about internet trolls? My bet is 2!

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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