Paizo Golarion: What If...?


Came up today in a conversation that the Earth of precisely 100 years ago is contemporary with Golarion; and they are linked, both by Baba Yaga and the Egyptian gods. It occurred to me to look up what was going on in Egyptology 100 years ago and the discovery of Tutenkhamen's tomb was in 1922. Which makes me think it could be great if there were an adventure or AP that featured the people digging up the tomb setting something off some divine relic and being transported to Golarion. Shenanigans ensue.

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Man, stuff is gonna get rough in about 23 years in Tian-Min.

But yeah, Paizo did Mummy's Mask 9 years ago. And their sensibilities about gamifying foreign cultures have evolved a fair bit since then. I'm curious how they'd even do Osirion these days, if they launched another AP.

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