Good full campaign for kids?


Hi all,

I have been running the Lost Mine of Phandelver for some time (and more than once) with my kids aged 11, 9 and 7 using the pre-gen characters. They are now keen to roll up their own characters and start a full campaign like I play with my friends. Can anyone suggest a good campaign for kids - especially one that isn't too complicated for a 7 year old? I'm tempted to run the Tomb of Annihilation but feel that they might find Omu onwards a bit thematically hard.

thanks in advance for your wisdom.


About background I was to suggest "Magissa", but this RPG is published only in Spanish language, not in English yet, but the publisher has got a kickstarter project for other title for children in English.

Tomb of Annihilation is a total party murder. It isn't about being powerful but to can find an answer like in a McGyver episode.

Have you read anytime any gamebook as "Choose your own adventure" or "Endless Quest"?


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Honestly, and I can’t believe I’m actually recommending this, but Tyranny of Dragons might actually be a good fit for your group. The re-release adjusts some of the balance issues, and the railroading problem probably won’t be as glaring for a group of kids. In fact, it might be easier for the youngest to just ride the plot train where it takes them. And “save the world from the evil dragon cult” is a fairly straightforward, suitably epic quest for a group of young-uns.


A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site

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Tomb of Annihilation, modified to be a race to find the Lost City of Omu hidden in the jungle. Just ignore the Curse and the final Tomb (could be played as a final bonus).

All other campaigns are, IMO, not optimal for kids.

Or... why not? CoS or DiA or W:DH, modified to be light-hearted.


Humblewood by hit point press.



Pugmire is also a good suggestion.


There are a few DMsGuild adventures that run using Phandalin. Some follow LMoP while some are a new campaign using the same town.