D&D General Goodman Games To Reincarnate Jennell Jaquays' Caverns of Thracia

Game designer Jennell Jaquays has announced that Goodman Games will be reviving her 1979 Caverns of Thracia adventure for D&D 5E and its own DCC RPG. The Greek-themed adventure is set in a detailed dungeon, and was originally published by Judges Guild.


After over two years of biting my tongue and ignoring friends' questions, I can finally share this news.

In addition to owning Dark Tower, the game adventure that I created 43 years ago for Judges Guild; Goodman Games also owns The Caverns of Thracia... which some fans consider to be the better of my two Judges Guild mega-dungeon/campaign adventures.

It will eventually be getting the same treatment as Dark Tower as a Goodman Games Original Adventures Reincarnated product

Dark Tower, another of Jaquays' Judges Guild modules, is currently on Kickstarter with three weeks to go.
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Is there any way to get just the 5e conversions of these? Or is the big book with the reprint of the original as well as the conversion the only way to get them? I've never played this adventure, but I've heard lots of good things about it, but I'm not at all interested in a big, expensive collector's item.


If the Caverns kickstarter is anything like the Dark Tower one, you will have the option of 5e, DCC or both.
OK so they’re not smooshing them all into one big book anymore?

EDIT: I see that with Dark Tower, they are smooshing them all together into one three-volume slipcase set, but you can buy just the 5e conversion as a PDF for $50. Something to consider. Perhaps they'll do the same for Caverns of Thracia. (I've had a look at Dark Tower, but wasn't that impressed.)
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