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5E Goodman Games What's New stream


I crit!
5e stuff starts at about 28:40, see the link in the post.

They are asking for writers and editors for 5e content! What could they be doing?!

They talk about Castle Amber.

They talk about Temple of Elemental Evil and how they expanded it. In one area they fleshed out the nodes.

New product, a big chunky monster book, Dungeon Denizens. The cover looks creepy and wild! Very Conan. Looks like they mined DCC going way back and recent ones and plucked monsters for this thing. 500 5e monsters! They need help getting there. It's going to be full color.
Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 10.01.55 PM.png


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I love the idea of a combo 5e/DCC RPG monster book. I get their reasoning behind not including a ton of monsters in the core DCC RPG book, but in practice it offloads the work onto the Judges. And I dig the idea of getting some more gonzo-weirdo-pulpy monsters into D&D.

As an aside, they've also announced that they've got the license to publish new Fafhrd & Grey Mouser fiction. I do wonder where that will go. Will they continue the tales of the older pair, or write new stories set in their younger days? For my part, I think I'd rather see them tackle Nehwon from the perspective of other characters. Give me a story about some Mingols or Ghouls. What about the Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar (spoiler, they're not Fahrd & Grey Mouser)?

Well, hopefully they spent time making the nodes actually be sensible. It sounds like they tried to balance the content that should've been there from the original module. Hopefully it's playable even if the encounters are insane.