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Great Weather Creation Program

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Yes, this program is awesome.

I'm currently working on setting up a database for Greyhawk.
I thought this would be an easy thing to use. I've always used weather in my games. I'm now referencing International Weather Observers Handbook, Websters Encyclopedia, a few other "weather" resources, as well as all the Greyhawk books. Since this has actually turned out to be a bigger project than I originally suspected, I'm going to turn it into an article for the Oerth Journal, basing some of the material on Roger Moore & Gary Holian's work in previous issues.

My biggest complaint about the program is descriptions and explainations. I've always been interested in weather but I didn't know that the Perihelion was at -78. Nor do I know exactly what that means, or if in the case of GH's Sun (Liga) being 100million miles away what it's -/+ perihelion would be.

But the above and other issues are supposed to be resolved in the next update.

Of course, if there is anybody else working on weather for the lands of Greyhawk, please let me know what your using as a basis or any other information you may have.


Originally posted by cyberProlix
Of course, if there is anybody else working on weather for the lands of Greyhawk, please let me know what your using as a basis or any other information you may have. [/B]

I'm not working on a calender proggie, but thought I'd mention that one of the old Dragon (and Best of Dragon) magazines had a weather generator for WoG, and the old GH Boxed Set had it as well.

Just thought I'd pass that information along.


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Of course that Dragon has a WoG weather system - it's the same as the one that is in the WoG boxset - glossography. It's all housed.
On the plus side - I've seen you (XManii) at GreyChat so you should know about the discussion from there!


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The weather program is really neat and very easy to use actually. But there are things that bugs me such as experiences certain techjnical errors that could have been corrected with easy, also creating large batches of days in a row (my machine does 3000 in 30 minutes, actually fairly slow IMHO) can be somewhat challanging for the program, but it doesn't crash at least!

I will definately use it to make more creative weather for my campaign, I often go ohh... this looks like a good time to do some rain... I forgot the last three months of game time... didn't really think about turning of the year and such.

Also like the fact the program easily convert between metric and (whatever the other one is called hehe). Since I usually roleplay online, I often need to convert from on to the other, for it to make sense heh.

That said I run a fairly complex world from this view, extremely oversized, 60 hour day, five seasons (yes five), 7 moons with largely different cycles, and this program actually can handle it (and it can tell me if this is a holiday or not as well whee!), now that I have this program it seems so stupid that the calander I made is based strictly with three months of each season (did I mention 15 month year? aka 750 days?).

Only thing that really bugged me is it wants weekdays, because I don't use weeks at all, but heh just made a 1 day week :)

also lot of expanding tools for the really interested, which I was not, as for the not knowing a few of the things (the Perihelion for example) let it be what it is, or look up in the help file or an astronomical reference guide, that is stuff for the really advanced.

Personally I have a few Questions still, but I am sure looking deeper into the help file will aid me much, mostly it is more specific things beyond the basic level.

I think that unless you use some really wierd stuff like me, it will be very easy for you to use! I of course being a big bull started out the unrecommended way hehe, so I had a lot of trouble tried the easy played around and whoa! much easier! even going through the other things.

One serious complaint is that you by the devils violancehave to complete the wizard at least once before it will give you the option to start all over, as I mention above I ran into a few errors and in the end I went in manually and deleted the database for that world, just to begin all over, but it worked fine from there that is for sure.

SO grab the chance and lets get more then anotehr day of ssunshine/rain or whatever weather you tend to use :)


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five seasons of my campaign comes from the factor the planet does not rotate in a way that all sides will at some point face the sun. So basically to make it simple I got as far as there would be the regular season, but one would be extremely long! (winter or summer depending one where on the planet you are, but winter doesn't truly apply since that part since the changes from winter to summer would be very fast and summer very short.) to be reasonable I parted it into two seasons, I figured if we have an extensive period where heat is applied things get dry. Thus Dryseason (or Nejl) is created, this season is very much a ehh dry period of 3 of the 15 months, here little to absolutely no rain falls, and the temperature raises even higher at day (since there is no clouds to block some out and the larger body of waters especially inland have shrinked) and of course lower at night though this isn't as prominent as everything have already been heated up doing the summer and continues to be so doing the day hours (which especially doing summer/nejl season shifting are very long!).

then when autmn comes more then usual rain for earth falls in the dry areas, as the planet turns slightly.

to make a long story short in the belt where normal life cna exist on the world, there is a very long summer that is parted into a summer and a dryseason, the planet turn in favour of having one part against the sun all the time which is why the winter there never is truly longer.

of course there are the extremes aka the natural poles (not the magnetic ones! or as there also is the magic ones.) which are either always laid in darkness or in sun, none of these two have been explored (or charted by the me!), the most southen known continent (satania, which is a desert continent filled with religous fantatics), has no evidence that there is anything but water at the south pole. The north pole is said to be nothing but ice, even the ocean should be deep frozen or at least close.

That said my world might not be the most realistic there is, but I love it.

As for the program, it has a neat feature, that if you want to you can edit the humidity of the different months as you pleases as well as temperature, that ment I could easily implement the feel I wanted, of course not knowing too much of real world statistic for weather, I have been guessing a bit (bad me! =^) ), but it does insert some automatically temperatures and humidities, which I assume are realistic. Also I noticed that the help file (you know that unused file that comes with all computer programs, one (read me) sometimes wonder why it is there ;)) has a guide to how to icnrease the chances of getting specific events, like fog.

I should note that while my months are equal length (50 days each), the program is easily able to handle very differnt lengths of months and I think a really dedicated person could get whatever result he wanted with enough tweaking (say you need fog one day so you assign that day as a whole month assign the best temps for fog etc). But of course then one might as well just decide without the program! Also it has the wrath of god feature which makes you able to insert certain type of events, I don't think it covers everything but it helps!

Now if I had a wish list so far it would be.

The Wrath Of God to insert ANY natural event even a normal sunshine.

Moon phase calculation to decide when all moons are full or whatever phase you might need. (it displays the phase of up to three moons of the day, you can easily change which moons it is.)

jump day back and forth, in a single leap without creating every single inbetween day.

tornados etc natural occuring, would be a plus! haven't seen them yet.

Now I suspect the wrath of god can already do what I want it to, and I also think tornados can occur naturally, but hey I can still say I want it. (I tell more when I explored more of the program!)
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