Greyhawk Podcasts?


There are several Twitch streams devoted to Greyhawk. In addition to Carlos Lising's channel (which @Rob Kuntz pointed out above), these are also well-worth checking out:
  • Lord Gosumba's channel @ : run by Jay Scott, a veteran AD&D 1e/2e DM of 40+ years experience, Jay brings in many guests, regularly streams game sessions, and has an awesome set-up in his basement gameroom with very nice custom terrain and miniatures work! Guests have included Lenard Lakofka
  • With its Season 4 premiere, the Legends & Lore show run by Anna Meyer and Mike Bridges is now also hosted by Lord Gosumba's channel, but they previously appeared on The Greyhawk Channel at
  • The Greyhawk Channel is currently on hiatus, but has a lot of content from the past 2 years or so, including the original Legends & Lore run, along with a plethora of Greyhawk campaigns; you can see its full YouTube archive at The Greyhawk Channel
I have some actual-play recordings in audio-only format, and some Greyhawk seminar recordings that I'm in the process of organizing on my web site at Greyhawk, grodog Style and grodog's Greyhawk Castle Archive along with some others, and I'm working on compiling the various shows I've guested on, too (which include Jay, Mike and Anna, and Carlos' at various points in the past year).