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Guessing - Most and least played classes


It has been said that the Ranger is the 4th least played class. What are your guesses for the ranking in popularity among the 15 million+ players in NA?

I am most curious about what people think are the 3 least played classes. I think all of the classes are fairly close to each other. I think even the least played one has adequate representation.

From most played to least:

1. Rogue
2. Fighter
3. Cleric

4. Barbarian
5. Sorcerer
6. Paladin

7. Bard
8. Warlock
9. Ranger

10. Druid
11. Monk
12. Wizard

I think the biggest divide is between the top 6 to the bottom 6. I believe the "arcane" casters are less individually represented because there are so many of them.

#12 -Wizard because they are about spell options rather than power. This makes for more bookkeeping and complication. More importantly they are the most 'vanilla' of the casters for theme. Also people like Charisma more than Intelligence because they have more input in the Social Interaction pillar.

#11 - Monk is complicated, doesn't have direct power, and a niche theme.

#10 - Druid because when people want a nature oriented character they think of survival and tracking skills like the Ranger for theme. They still do like being a bear though.

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Since I have been running 5e campaigns this is the breakdown of characters to have played (it is a Homebrew campaign - there have been 3 different groups - 6 players and only 3 multi classes

Fighter 6 (2 Eldritch Knights, 2 Battlemaster, Cavalier, Champion)
Bard 3 (Lore, Glamour, Valor)
Cleric 3 (Light multiclassed with Eldritch Knight, Trickster, Forge)
Rogue 3 (2 Arcane Trickster - one multi classed to wizard, 1 assassin multiclassed with Monk)
Wizard 2 (War, Illusionist - multiclassed with rogue).
Barbarian 2 (path of the bear, zealot)
Sorcerer 2 (Divine , Wild multiclassed with Ranger)
Monk 2 (Way of the Hand, Shadow - multiclassed with Assassin)
Warlock 1 (Celestial)
Druid 1 (Dream)
Ranger 1 (Horizon Walker - multiclassed with Wild Sorcerer)
Paladin 0

I don't think any of them have played a Paladin as they get stuck in stereo typical LG AD&D version. Most any player has had is 4 characters and only player to repeat is the Eldritch Knight. Seems like none really want a straight wizard (well 1) preferring other casting types with a more other skills (at least perceived ones)


[MENTION=6748898]ad_hoc[/MENTION] It looks like a good sampling. What is the statistic data for Ranger at 9th?

It was a tweet. Rereading the tweet by Jeremy Crawford. I actually got it wrong. It just states that Ranger isn't one of the bottom 3. Though if it was top half then that probably would have been mentioned. He states that the Ranger isn't in the bottom third. So probably #7-9.

Yeah, it is a sampling for sure. The only thing is that the players who use D&D Beyond may be very different than the sorts of players in the player base as a whole.

At any rate looks like I am way off about the Wizard.


[MENTION=6748898]ad_hoc[/MENTION] IIRC the WOTC survey way had rangers at 7th spot. I cannot find that old link but http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/dd-survey-results-summary shows:


with druid also in last. What I linked earlier is per 100000 and more recent, however.

In any case, rangers don't top popularity or end in the bottom.

Oh for sure about the Rangers. That was brought up in a point in another thread which got me thinking about where the other classes are. A key thing discussed in that thread is how much the player base has changed since 2014. As WotC old stance was that people weren't satisfied with the Ranger but now they are.

The conclusion of this discussion might just be that it doesn't really matter who is on the bottom as they are all close enough together.

In that D&D Beyond data you posted the Druid is still 50% of the first place Fighter. It is also nice to see that the core 4 take 4 of the top 5 spots. Only the Cleric is edged out by the Barbarian.

That being said it is a year old. And that is a character creation tool only right? So is it possible that a few people are making a bunch of characters in various ways to see how they will work? I don't know much about D&D Beyond.

I wonder if there are any outliers

Cyan Wisp

Just for a different, unbidden, perspective, I've been running multiple games for years at school (I'm a teacher).

We have played 5e since 2015 . Children tend to go for things that trigger their imaginations and are largely ignorant of the mechanics of class powers or weaknesses, so...

Most played to least played by 7-10 year olds (about equally male or female):

#1: Moon Druids. By far.

#2: Rogues (usually assassins). Blame Assassin's Creed, probably
#3: Monks. It's the kung fu, Avatar thing.
#4: Sorcerers. Could be the artwork.
#5: Barbarians, especially Eagle totem.
#6: Rangers.
#7: Wizards.
#8: Paladins.
#9: Bards.
#10: Fighters.
#11: Warlocks. Eyes glaze over at the description.
#12: Clerics. No takers.

They really need to rename Cleric to Healer so more people play them again.

My experience from 5 years of DMing (yeah I know it's not a lot compared to you guys) is that Fighter is by far the most popular class. Like almost every third plays a fighter.

For some reasons, I never encountered a single person wanting to play Barbarian, Sorcerer or Ranger yet.

I'm actually a little surprised that Fighters/Barbarian/Rogues are so high up in the statistics, because I feel like playing a spellcaster is much more interesting.


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I never understood the pooh-poohing rangers and fighters received on these boards. People in the AL games and home games in which I've played have had no problem with either.

I am a little surprised at the Thief's lack of popularity. It's one of my personal favorites, but I've never seen anyone else interested in playing one.
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That being said it is a year old. And that is a character creation tool only right? So is it possible that a few people are making a bunch of characters in various ways to see how they will work? I don't know much about D&D Beyond.

While DnD Beyond includes a great character creation and tracking tool, that's not all it does. The online sheets are designed to be used at the table. There are spell, monster, and time listings that are filter able. There is a very basic campaign creation tool that lets you add players to a campaign, gives DMs access to character sheets, and some space for notes. There is the full text of all the published books (if you purchase them there) with extensive linking. And there are homebrew tools for character options, monsters, spells, magic items, etc..

All that's too say that while some (many?) users may use it in part for theory crafting, most users use it extensively while playing, either as DMs or Players. So there's probably a mix of characters in the data. My account has a slew of PCs intended as pregen for a drop-in game I run; most of them will probably never be used. But some of them are in actual use.


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Druids, Bards and Barbarians are the most popular in my groups

Every other class has been played bar one

Believe it or not, the Wizard is the least popular. Never been played.

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