D&D 5E [GUIDE] I Fought the Law and Won: The Rogue Guide

NOTE: This guide was MAD outdated. Based on completely obsolete meta. The information is likely not useful anymore.

I may work on an updated version for some time in the future, but don't hold me to it.
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Bugbears best Melee. Who needs Mobile/Swashbuckler, when your daggers have reach (and whips have a reach of 15ft!)? :p



GUIDE I Fought the Law and Won The Rogue Guide

So after i defeated the dapper old gent in my next game, and the alliance is there - this quest will be avaible?


First Post
So I've made a Tabaxi Rogue. Level 2.

Here's my stats:

8 Str
16 Dex
14 Con
9 Int
14 Wis
14 Cha

It's a two person party. Myself and a Greatsword using Fighter. I don't anticipate the campaign going past level 10.

I'm curious about what Archetype you think would be good. Obviously, Arcane Trickster is out with my low Int. All Unearthed Arcana is available, so...

seems alright overall.
Swashbuckler is solid all around, helping me dual wield.
Assassin doesn't add much besides nova damage, which IS great. But that's it.
Thief is... Alright. Lets me get creative with environment and item use.
Inquisitor (UA: Gothic Heroes) is... I don't know what to make of it.

I'm leaning Assassin. I figure the sooner enemies drop, the better. But after that single hit, it's... Not great. Swashbuckler, on the other hand, is more consistent damage over the battle.

Hey I like your guide.
Just two things:
Str should not be your default dump stat. Climbing and swimming may be really useful in some campaigns. Athletics with expertise allows you to actively grapple even with mediocre strength. Being able to actually carry your loot comes as a bonus. Overall I would not rate charisma higher than strength, especially for a thief.
The other thing is spell scrolls. The page you refer only applies to non spell scrolls. Those can be used by everyone. To actually use a spell scroll you need to have that spell on your list.

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