[GUIDE] NADRIGOL's Melee Bladesinger Guide


And I'll continue to deny the purpose of those other threads really has anything to do with BA
BA is about ensuring that there continues to be a meaningful chance of failure even as bonuses rise. So all the things I quoted from you were statements about BA.

Most of the creature I am likely to face by level 5 will have closer to +6 or +7 on their attack rolls. An ogre, for instance, is +6.
Even vs a +6, you've taken what would have been a 6/20 chance to hit you (with 21 AC) and reduced it to 4/20 (with 23 AC). So you've gone from taking 3.33 attacks per hit to taking 5 attacks per hit. That's like a 50% increase in HP.


You can bump it by Vhuman with defensive dueling feat...
Sure, if your DM allows non-elf-types to do it. Of course, you could take it later on but I would rather go with War Caster and Dual Wielder.

Also, when you reach level 3 for Kensei, don't forget you can make two unarmed attacks via your bonus action. The first is necessary as your attack action (or part of it) for an unarmed strike, triggering Agile Parry. Then as part of martial arts, you can make an unarmed strike as a bonus action.

If you want to spend a ki point and use flurry of blows, you could get in 3 unarmed strikes and use Agile Parry! :)

Later on with Haste, you can use the the Attack granted to initiate the Attack action, make an unarmed strike, spend a ki point, make two more unarmed strikes, and still use your normal attack action for your kensei weapon! SWEET!