D&D General H1-E3: Demon Prince of Undeath Conversion

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I just want to say a big thank you @Myrhdraak for this awesome work !
I’m currently running the campaign in the Forgotten Realms in the Cormyr (Fallcrest is at the place of Masoner’s Bridge) and the players are about to enter the Pyramid of Shadow.
I want to start to prepare on the side the Scale of War Adventure Path of the 4th Edition (Tiamat) and I wanted to know, what was your method to update the monsters @Myrhdraak ?

Thanks !


Does anyone know if there were any support materials for this series in other publications such as Dragon magazine? I’m converting this series to 5e starting with Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress. Once I got into the swing of it the encounters haven’t been too hard to convert. It’s the pacing and the story giving me headaches currently. I believe I’ll get the pacing figured out, the story I’m not sure about.

Some of this comes from starting at level 10, the shared accomplishments of the party just isn’t there yet. It’s also how the info is presented, encounter after encounter. I’m not as familiar with the info in the upcoming modules as I should be, another part of the issue. I’ve looked online for people that have run this before me, regardless of the edition, I’m not seeing a whole lot.

Does anyone know of any resources concerning this series I can take a look at? Thanks in advance for the help!

There was a sidetrek for King of the Trollhaunt Warrens in Dungeon magazine. There was support articles on Orcus cult The Ashen Covenant, prominent in E1. Don't think there was anything about Nightwyrm Fortress. That module got really bashed for being a linear slug. And I agree. Maybe it will work batter in 5E. What I'd do, I think, is taking huge parts of the old 3.0 module Heart of Nightfang Spire and use that for the interior of the fortress. It's pretty comparable imo. Assault on Nightfang Spire :)

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