Happy Haggert Hurried Hungry Hitch Hiking Hired Henchmen Hivers.... apply within

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Risk is a good game but with timid players it can run hours and hours. My brother, Sister and I used to play it every Sunday in the late 70's. Begin around 10am and I would "lose" so that I could see "Walt Disney Presents..." around 7pm

Our last game session- inside a storage building where items are animated and attacking. Outside are dozens of ghoul coming out of the sewers with a sorcerer whom sets the building on fire !
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I learned nerd for this.
I saw a little girl wearing a mask yesterday. It made me kinda sad. I never thought we would get to this point. Pandemics were always the stuff of scifi. Now we're facing so many new realities. Food shortages being the newest concern. I'm a little worried about health care provider shortages. Many are getting sick, some are dying. I wouldn't be surprised if some get out of the field when this is over. On top of all of this aggressive actions involving Russia, China, and Iran. It's like our leaders (all leaders) can't just pick one fight at a time.


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To be fair, some of that flexing goes back decades. And alpha types don’t always understand that a burning building is no place to continue a brawl.

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