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Removed stitches yesterday. Now my back is itchy. Knees still ache but I'm starting to outrace snails now. Peeing on my own though that required a small argument with the doctor.

Next battle...... bill collectors. ALLY auto bank can be true asses. Just saying.

As the few sober people in southern Vermont yesterday, we decided to continue with "Hidden: Beyond New Water" and what a freakin game it was. I had one rule added for the day, GREEN die only.

st pat.jpg


Anybody wanna take a road trip to Wisconsin?

I need to go to Noble Knight Games and put some boots upside some heads...

I bought a miniature from them off teh EvilBay.
The next day, I get the "Your Item has Shipped" email.

The day after that, I get an email stating the seller has cancelled my order and given a full refund because "the item was out of stock or broken"...

Seriously? :rant:

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