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I learned nerd for this.
For those not in the know, and our foriegn listeners. The University of Georgia Bulldogs AKA The Dawgs defeated their conference rivals the university of alabama crimson tide. No one knows what a crimson tide is, and those that do claim to are liars. 😝 ( I mean their mascot is an elephant. What does that have to do with a crimson tide? A tampon would make more sense.) in the college football national championship game. There may not be a greater rivalry in college football ball than UGA and Bama. If anyone claims there is, they're mistaken.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch the whole game. It was a defensive battle with field goals akimbo. UGA took a commanding lead in the 4th quarter. 33-18. They even returned an interception for a touchdown. Clearly, Nick Saban has lost his mojo and should retire. And the SEC and college football MUST accept the dominance of UGA. 😁


Life is a lot like a helicopter.
I don't know how to operate a helicopter.

When Life gives you lemons, make...



I have seen the thing that will doom mankind. Deep. Fried. Gravy.

That actually seems like it has the potential to be good...

I'm going to attempt to patch holes in the walls myself. I watched videos on patching holes in drywall. Looks like something I might be able to do. One thing I've noticed from patch jobs my dad had done is you can tell where the repair was. The spackled area looks different. When I go to Home Depot for supplies I have to ask if there is something I can do.

In the room my mom is staying in is a hole big enough for a head. One morning I leaned forward and the hole was right height and size for my head to fit. Either someone headbutted the wall or had his head pushed into the wall. 😣

Patching drywall is pretty easy. When repairing the hole, make sure that the pieces of drywall tape don't overlap. After you repair the hole, you just want to make sure you smooth the spackle on as thinly as possible over the tape and blend in the edges well, and use a fine-grit sandpaper to smooth them out even further before repainting.
For a large hole like that head-shaped thing, you'll want to fashion an actual patch out of drywall to put in it rather than just taping over it. Clean up the edges of the hole as straight as possible and cut the patch as close to the shape of the hole as possible. Take your time with it, as the closer you can make it fit the stronger the patch will be. If you want to give the patch greater structural stability so that it won't fall down inside the wall when you try to tape and spackle it, you can cut notches into the back of the patch and glue in some long wood slivers so they extend out past the edge of the hole, then cut corresponding notches into the surface of the surrounding wall so that you can slide the patch in the hole and have it be level with the rest of the wall surface. Take your time with it, as again, it'll take a bit of work and patience to get it lined up evenly.

You can nurse your young now?
" I have nipples. Can you milk me?" 😝

Have I mentioned lately that you guys suck? :p

No one knows what a crimson tide is, and those that do claim to are liars. 😝
( I mean their mascot is an elephant. What does that have to do with a crimson tide?

Technically, the team's nickname comes from a phrase coined by a reporter in a game from 1907 referencing both the crimson and white team uniforms as well as the fact that the game was played in heavy rain.
As far as the elephant, it's probably far easier to find an elephant costume than figure out how to make a mascot costume for a large algal bloom in the sea...
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I learned nerd for this.
You both took my over the top bias against Bama too seriously. 😝 As a citizen of the great state of Georgia I am required by law to hate Alabama.
That same law says I have to hate liberals and "the north", I ignore that part. 😁 I tease my sister by playing up support for Georgia Tech, an in state rival, and far superior school.

Dog Moon

I'm disappointed to hear of your disappointment. I have the core books for second edition but haven't dived deep. I certainly haven't had a chance to play. Some of the changes made me scratch my head but I haven't seen anything I disliked. Is it too rules heavy?
I would say it's probably a little more rules heavy than first edition, which sometimes made things annoying in the fact that sometimes when reading an ability, you have to understand the ability as well as understand the traits of the ability. Like summon spells were really confusing until you understand the like three different traits associated with that spell. But overall, that wasn't what prevented us from enjoying the game.

So for our group, it came down to combat. As some youtuber put it, Pathfinder 2e gives you the "illusion of choice". There are lots of options, plenty of feats for classes and skills. However, in the end, most of them are either too specific or are just subpar to other choices. So while in combat, you pretty much have several optimal choices. Basically, as I put it (and my group agreed with me) is that Pathfinder 2e reminded us of Dnd 4e... but without all the cool stuff. Which, if you've played 4e, they basically overbalanced everything. So level 3 felt very similar to level 13. Everything pretty much increases simultaneously. So your chance to hit increases, but their AC increases at the same rate. And there's no way to modify this, so it's hard to feel like you ever get "better". Except it's worse because it feels like even in an overbalanced system the enemies always had an advantage over the PCs.

This last weekend, group was level 12. Went up against 4 dudes that were each level 10. So the enemies hit okayish and the PCs actually hit decent since they were lower level (although their rolling was a little subpar, unfortunately), so there wasn't much question who was going to win in the end. The problem is that each of the enemies had 175hp. The PCs ended up focusing on two of them (because that's how the positioning ended up working). After 5 rounds, they finally dropped one enemy. The second was a little over half and the last two were untouched. The enemies were supposed to go. I just looked at them. They were mooks with a sword attack that applied poison and two different bomb attacks... but they were boring. Now, mooks don't need to be terribly exciting cause they're mooks... but they also aren't supposed to survive for more than 10 rounds. Even interesting attacks get stale when the boss lasts for 15 rounds because his AC is higher and he has 300hp.

So, I knew that combat was going to last another good 5-10 more rounds and I thought maybe I could modify them (reduce their hit points), but this was an ongoing problem and I didn't want to have to modify every single encounter for the rest of the Adventure Path (I shouldn't need to...) and I was like "Yeah, I'm done." The group looked at me, asked for clarification to ensure they understood and they all agreed we were done with Pathfinder 2e.

So granted that some enemies in PF2e did have some neat abilities and were fun to run as a DM, but sometimes they were boring and combat was just tedious. I know in PF1e fights that lasted longer than 5 rounds were rare, but now, any fight that lasted less than like 10 rounds were rare. Which sounds neat except that it's only because everything has so many hit points and it just becomes a slog when things are just trading blows.

We all tried to figure out what was going on. We searched forums and found people with similar complaints and the answers were always "You aren't doing correct stuff with your actions" or "your DM needs to modify things". But as I said, with the Illusion of Choice, we tried miscellaneous things and then fell back to what worked... except even that only helped a little, not ever enough to make the players feel like they had an advantage against the foes they were facing. And I feel like if the DM has to modify every single creature of every single encounter, that's not a time when "your DM needs to modify things" but is a flaw in the system.

So I'm not trying to complain, but rather to explain. We tried. We wanted to play through a single campaign 1-20 (and our group really enjoyed Agents of Edgewatch so we all wanted to finish it). But we tried and we tried and eventually we just couldn't do it anymore. We got to level 12. Multiple characters/iterations of characters. And we're done. Maybe we'll check out Pathfinder 3rd edition when it comes out. Maybe.


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You both took my over the top bias against Bama too seriously. 😝 As a citizen of the great state of Georgia I am required by law to hate Alabama.
That same law says I have to hate liberals and "the north", I ignore that part. 😁 I tease my sister by playing up support for Georgia Tech, an in state rival, and far superior school.
Nah, just going with the flow!

My longest running game group consisted of on North Texas grad, an Oklahoma grad, and a whole bunch of Texas Aggies. I went to UT…School of Law.

(I used to joke about my long horns being prosthetics.)

So there was a lot of verbal jousting in the group.

My old hometown of New Orleans also plays host to the Bayou Classic, where Grambling and Southern would come to town on Thanksgiving weekend and play a big rivalry game. Kind of like TX/OU
weekend at the Texas State Fair, but with better food.

And at least as bad behavior, too. One year, I was visiting for Thanksgiving and my hotel was just blocks from the Superdome. In a shameful nod to the stereotype of my people, all of the fried chicken chains down there ran out of food. Worse, there were chicken bones all over the damn sidewalks & streets. (Effing barbarians.)


Limit Break Dancing
"Just wear a mask! It's not like they're asking you to wear a Longhorns jersey."
-my FaceBook feed, last year.

My family are all Sooners. And some of them are anti-maskers, too. This was the most-liked comment of 2021 across my whole social media feed. I've seen it reposted elsewhere with different team names, but I always know what they mean.


I learned nerd for this.
There is a big game to start the season in Atlanta. It's always the same weekend as DragonCon, Labor Day Weekend. The hotels are full of football fans and geeks. On some occasions with costumes you can't tell them apart. One Bama fan was arguing with his wife and shoved her right there in the hotel bar. I stood up and got between them. I was keeping an eye and ear on it because they were standing right next to me. He didn't shove hard enough to knock her down thankfully. I'm 6 feet tall and over 400 pounds, try pushing me around, motherfer....he didn't. 😛 Hotel security escorted them both out. No idea what happened after.

Dog Moon

Dog Moon, Mega, and Blackrat are giggling at us right now.
Hey, it's been warm the last couple of days. Yesterday reached into the mid-30s and today is supposed to reach into the low-30s. Although yeah, admittedly before then was in the single digits and negatives for a bit.


I learned nerd for this.
When I was a kid. Actually in 1982 there was a big snow storm. Someone used our front yard as a ski slope. Skied down the hill into the street, probably 50 yards. lol That was a digression. It was often much much colder. We had nights in the single digits, and sometimes below 0. Windchills could get to double digit below. It didn't always mean more snow but it was certainly colder than today. About 3 years ago we had a time when the temps at night got into the teens. It's been much more rare though. Fewer really cold nights and even less snow. Day time temps rarely go below freezing.

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